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I will look at the possibilities of having a saved options system where you can load whatever settings you want

If it does not look promising I will just go with the auto system. Anyway glad the tool has proved useful :D

Thanks for the kind words. I will have a look into the save settings option(And dig out the old code) as that is a great idea.
I am thinking that it will auto save all options on export but have a "reset options" button, what do you think?
It needs to try and stay simple but also intuitive.

These look great. A bit high res for me lol(I do 32x32)
I may see about downscaling them and see if they hold up well(for my next project after Paws I will need a crap ton of textures)

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I've been playing this for most of the day now and I have to say the game is near perfect. The story, music, sound effects, graphics, gameplay all come together in such a perfectly unique way. The scenes are great and the amount of work that has gone into this puts some AAA games to shame.

They have been downloaded. I will try and let you know if I ever use them, But I am old and forgetful ;)

These look amazing what are the licences on these?

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OMI continues playing DoM

Random Run Saturday! **It's Dungeons of Mysteria!!** - YouTube

Glad you enjoyed the game :)

I'm glad you think so :)

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Check out Ghost Hunter Dracula by SpringStreetOnline a jam game made using Dungeon View Maker
Ghost Hunter: Dracula by SpringStreetOnline (

No just walking animations. N,E,S,W

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It really does :)

Hope you enjoy it.
Thanks for bringing the download size to my attention, I will fix that and upload a new demo at some point or other.

Well you had me confused there for a while but it would seem that I left three music tracks in the demo folders that never made the cut to the final game. Well spotted btw

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Deled is a simple 3D editor so it has none of the uneeded bloat that other 3D editors have(It also exports as *.x which is great for B3D)
Not Patreon, Discord ;)
39? I turn 43 soon so we are similar age :P
One of the things with a 3D editor like deled or blender is that the exported level is one solid mesh so I have no control of extras like plants and grass(plants can be picked up for instance) my own tool just cuts out the work of placing things by hand(I could walk around in game and write down the co-ords and then place them in code but this is easier in the long run)
Top down GTA should be no problem in Blitz3D just need the time and dedication to pull it off.
Anyway add me on Discord or Twitter(Grindalf_games) and anytime you have a B3D related question I will be happy to help :)

Join my discord(you can find the discord link on the start screen of the demo) you can ask me any questions you want and I would even share snippets of code to show how I did certain things.
As for tools Blitz3D-NG(has a couple of extra commands like one to disable the bilinear texture filter so my low res textures are crisp)
Deled for the 3D models. for the textures and sprites.
I also made my own tool for placing the props/plants onto the 3D models of the areas(its pretty basic and looks like crap but it works) it exports as Blitz3D code that I just then use as an include in my main code.

Im glad you like it :)

Do you have discord? if so jump into my channel(link on title screen) and send me a pm. I am always ready to help out with anything I can

Amazing work as always :)

JayPlays plays the demo

I mean I could do that but instead of pure black you could just use 5,5,5 instead.

Looks interesting, I will check it out

I will check out your game.
Us black cat games have to stick together ;)

Thank you very much. Its Blitz3D an old open source language. Its actually available here on itch somewhere.
I am specifically using the Blitz3D-NG port which has a few extra commands thrown in. 

Thanks for the nice commet :)
I had aimed at making it similar to oldschool zelda gameplay wise(which is strictly single player) and although I have wandered away from that a little. The core programming would take to much work to fit in a coop mode.

Thank you for the lovely comment.

Its been a while since I posted here(so my old topic got archived)
Paws for adventure is a zelda style adventure game about cats. Hunt, Fight and explore the land.

But anyway onto my progress.... 
The demo has been released(it took longer than expected because of life getting in the way :P )
Pick it up here :)
Paws for Adventure by Grindalf Games (
Should be over an hour of gameplay.
Please try it out and let me know what you think.

Theese look beautiful <3

Well the last week has been spent making this trailer, especially the static images used in it(I am not an artist :P )

This is a nice fun little game and has huge potential 

Looking good Hatchet, downloading now :D

I liked your trailer and thought it was great but I started watching it at first with sound off(as a test as from what people tell me that is how most people watch these things on their phones) and it was boring as hell(sorry) but its great with sound on, you have put a lot of time and effort into that(I imagine a fair amount of cash as well) another thought is the target audience, My game is a fast action game, are my target audience more likely to scroll if a game looks boring in the first 5 seconds? with a visual novel people need a little more patience maybe they are less likely to scroll past so quickly if they are not instantly amused.
Maybe a shorter trailer with titles instead of voice over might work well for places like reddit and twitter though as I think they are right about the silent phone scrolling.
I think you need different types of advertising for different places and as of yet its all new to me so I am just testing things out as I go.
I look forward to seeing more posts from fellow indie devs who have more experience in this matter.

I think it would be a help if Itch did a wishlist function like on steam. I know you could do that by adding a game to a list but I don't think most people bother. An actual wishlist button would be nice, fast, easy, people would click it.
For instance with my game Dungeons of Mysteria I released the demo, got massive views, had quite a few people donating cash, loads of positive comments, people saying they could not wait for the full game and then when I released, very little happened(because itch gives a page a massive boost when its published but not when its released) but not many people added the game to any lists or followed me so they would not have been notified when I released the game. It almost feels like it would have been better to Delete the game page and recreate it when I made the finished game, so as to get the same front page boost(also seems like abusing a system)

For Balloonys adventure I didn't release a demo or publish the page before hand just published when it was finished but I did not expect as many sales for that as its more what you would expect to find free on mobile phone(but with ads) so I cannot say if it did better or worse :P

I think you also have to keep in mind the day of the week you release on. When are people more likely to see your game? you only have a few days where you are visible so may as well maximise those views.

animated gifs do well on twitter, images with a few seconds of action or something really cute(I am doing a zelda style game about cats so I got both of those covered)

clips need to be interesting from the start.
check out my trailer for Dungeons of mysteria Dungeons of Mysteria Trailer 2 - YouTube
It did not do very well because even though it goes lovely with the music, people are normally scrolling down twitter, reddit ect when they are on the loo, skiving at work ect so they often have the sound off, and they have a very limited time to scroll. If its not instantly eye catching they keep scrolling.


Done a lot of bug fixing, changing little things to make things a little more user friendly and also added Tutorials explaining how to do all the tasks you will need to do.
I also added a scene at the end of the demo explaining the plot. I did it all in black and white because its meant to be in the past.
(Fun fact, the engine I am using has no shaders to create this effect so I had to remake all my textures, and double the area for this effect, but I think the effect was worth the effort)

I also added the map(probably the most tedious task I have had to do so far)

The demo is now 100% playable from start to finish
First test playthroughs of the demo have been completed. My personal time came  in at 1 hour 10 minutes which is quite long for a demo but I think it shows everything the game has to offer and ties up quite nicely at the end. I imagine that time length will be much longer for other people that don't know where they are going or what they are doing, two hours at least.... A two hour demo? is that to long for a demo?

Awesome :)

apparently it has been whitelisted so you will have to try it and let me know

I can do that but it will have to be tomorrow as I am at work and I have no idea how long it will take to get whitelisted.

From what I can tell you need to

Open Malwarebytes for Windows.
Click the Detection History card.
Click the Allow List tab.
To add an item to the Allow List, click Add.
Select the type of exclusion you want to add.
You will probably need to do this for PixelCharacterMaker.exe, H1.exe and H2.exe(H1 and H2 are external files that deal with converting the exported file to a .png) which are all in the PixelCharacterMaker folder

Does the program run at all or is it only when you try and export?

Balloony's adventure by Grindalf Games (