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Ive waited for this for years and this morning booted up Unreal for the first time ever..... I might not bother learning it now :P

Good stuff

Oh this is nice. I love proc gen and this is inspirational 

I would say I really need to learn how to spell but after 44 years I don't think its going to happen :P

Thanks for the playthrough of the game :)

Check out the article on PolySteamGaming for a little more info

Dungeons of Mysteria – Embark on an Epic Rogue Dungeon Crawling Adventure – PolySteamGaming

I made this a long time ago and my memory is a bit foggy about the whole subject but I do seem to remember having an issue with trying to scale the outputs bigger. I will have a look into it and see what I can do

Good luck to you and your game :D

Afraid not. But pop into my discord and pm me. I have a proposition 

You can also purchase on steam. The steam version also has steam achievements so is arguably the superior version :)
And thank you for the kind words :)

The best keyboard images around(and I spent several hours searching so I know) On top of that they are even better than I initially thought. They are all in 32x32 tiles so I dropped them into Tiled and made the keyboard exactly as I needed.
I will be using these for my options page in Paws for Adventure
Paws for Adventure on Steam (

I assume you mean in the Source code? edit the code found in DungeonViewSource/DungeonView.bmx(The code is written in BlitzMax but will still open in notepad if you just want to view it or translate it to another language) You could always join the discord if you have any more questions

Probably a year to 3 years.
I have one game that is releasing on here that took me about a year to make and another game that I have been working on for maybe 3 years now.

First and foremost the game now has a score board which makes it feel like it has more of a point. When you die you can press enter to return to the start screen and the leader board is updated(This is just a local leader board :P )
To go along with the leader board there is now gold, and precious gemstones , The more you have the higher up the leader board you will be.
And finally I have given the watcher the first enemy skill, teleportation, These enemies will now teleport around you. And as always the source code is there, its free, its open source, its CC0 so alter it, mod it, asset flip it, make a whole new game out of it or simply ask me for new additions. And if you want to help me out check out and wishlist the mother of this game Dungeons of Mysteria on steam Dungeons of Mysteria on Steam (

I think next I will add props that can be smashed, jars, boxes, treasure chests ect that can drop loot or even the dungeon key

I've just added a small update that adds a new enemy, The Watcher.
He fires Ice Blasts that can freeze you to the spot.
I will be giving him a Teleport skill but not today.
Don't forget Mini Dungeons of Mysteria is open source and all the code is CC0 so open it up, Check it out, Alter it, Mod it, Asset flip it, Make a whole new game from it or simply request new features from me..... The choice is all yours.
If you would like to help me out wishlist the main game Dungeons of Mysteria on steam Dungeons of Mysteria on Steam (

Is this the skid of B3D fame?
Either way thanks for the kind words :)

Mini Dungeons of Mysteria is hack and slash dungeon crawler set in an endless procedurally generated dungeon.
Mini Dungeons of Mysteria by Grindalf Games (

The best thing about Mini Dungeons of Mysteria is that its open source. I have included the source code and tried to make it as readable as possible so you can alter the code, add new content, asset flip it and release it as your own creation or build a whole new game out of it.
All code is CC0 so its completely yours, to do with as you wish. 

Don't like the graphics? Change them.

Find the enemies boring? add new ones.

And if you need help with modifying the code let me know.

Any new requests for features, let me know.

This looks genius

That would need to be done manually. The premade meshes was just an example that meshes can be added. It will import *.x and hopefully *.3ds

So it worked before, correct?
Have you tried redownloading?
What OS are you using?(was it the same system as before when it worked?)

looks interesting, i will give it a try :)

Baaaanaaaanaaaa XD
That cracked me up

These look awesome

As are you several :)

This game is genius on so many levels

Oh this is worrying. I think this may be the first time its been used in win 11.
can I send you some exes and you can tell me if they run?

I will look at the possibilities of having a saved options system where you can load whatever settings you want

If it does not look promising I will just go with the auto system. Anyway glad the tool has proved useful :D

Thanks for the kind words. I will have a look into the save settings option(And dig out the old code) as that is a great idea.
I am thinking that it will auto save all options on export but have a "reset options" button, what do you think?
It needs to try and stay simple but also intuitive.

These look great. A bit high res for me lol(I do 32x32)
I may see about downscaling them and see if they hold up well(for my next project after Paws I will need a crap ton of textures)

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I've been playing this for most of the day now and I have to say the game is near perfect. The story, music, sound effects, graphics, gameplay all come together in such a perfectly unique way. The scenes are great and the amount of work that has gone into this puts some AAA games to shame.

They have been downloaded. I will try and let you know if I ever use them, But I am old and forgetful ;)

These look amazing what are the licences on these?

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OMI continues playing DoM

Random Run Saturday! **It's Dungeons of Mysteria!!** - YouTube

Glad you enjoyed the game :)

I'm glad you think so :)

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Check out Ghost Hunter Dracula by SpringStreetOnline a jam game made using Dungeon View Maker
Ghost Hunter: Dracula by SpringStreetOnline (

No just walking animations. N,E,S,W

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It really does :)

Hope you enjoy it.
Thanks for bringing the download size to my attention, I will fix that and upload a new demo at some point or other.

Well you had me confused there for a while but it would seem that I left three music tracks in the demo folders that never made the cut to the final game. Well spotted btw