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I am also encountering this issue.

Makes sense. Thanks for the reply!

I enjoy this game, but something I've been uncertain of is just how severely branching the paths are. Sometimes when I'm given a dialog option, the response I get is ambiguous enough, I can kinda assume that either choice I made would have led there. And I expect that saying "no" or something rude in most cases ends the encounter.

But with less obvious options, it's hard to sense just how much the game is actually responding to my choices. That gets a little frustrating or confusing when, like, I can't tell if being a little snarky or flirty with Ingrid will actually work, or if it's damaging my relationship with her and making it even less likely we'll hit it off.

I think what I'm running into is a lack of meaningful feedback. I don't know when my choices matter, since many of them don't seem to, and it's not clear when the game is actually responding to the choices I've made versus when it's railroading me. As a result, playing the game, while fun, can also be unpleasantly surprising or even frustrating.

I'm enjoying it, still, and I hope I haven't inadvertently locked myself out of Ingrid content. I'll discover as I play more. But I think the game would benefit with tighter feedback, so I didn't quite have to cross my fingers and hope for matters like that.

Thanks for the game so far!

I love these! I just can't get enough of Wanderhome content. What a delight.

I've noticed that in the playbooks, there is some inconsistency in the heading "Ask 1 to the left and 1 to the right."

  • The Historian's reads "Ask one to the left and one to the right," using "one" instead of "1".
  • The Rebel's reads "Ask 1 left and 1 right."

The Historian's headings have the same issue of spelling out numbers instead of using numerals in a couple other places; for instance, it also makes the same substitution in "During each holiday between the seasons, choose one you haven't chosen before."


This game is off to a fantastic start. The renders are exceptionally high-quality, with an understanding of cinematic angles and lighting that I rarely see in other games. Characters feel unique, and the game doesn't take too long at all to get into sexy content—but there's enough going on in the story that I also didn't find myself bored in between sex scenes.

I definitely want to highlight the humor in the game. Too often, comedy in visual novels is delivered just like any other line—it's there, but not spotlighted. The creators of FreshWomen use pacing and framing to great effect when delivering comedy, and it really shines for that reason.

There were a couple typos I noticed here and there, but the only one I remember at the moment was problems with the capitalization of "mom" and "dad". When used in place of someone's name ("Hi, Mom!" or "I never knew Dad"), they ought to be capitalized, but in a couple places, they were not. There was another separate typo in the car with Sue, but I don't recall what it was.

This is one of the highest-quality erotic visual novels I've played in a while. I'm incredibly eager for the next episode.

I'm also really curious where the models for this game come from! Playing good games like this makes me interested in making my own. 😅

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So, I understand why people would be peeved at the principle of the thing—being told one purchase would get you the whole game, and then having that "promise" reneged might not feel great. Describing this game as a "sequel" when it's being developed as a continual story also isn't very convincing as an explanation—it feels more like an ad-hoc justification. This all strikes me as a bit of a communications fumble. Maybe something to learn from in the future.

But at the end of the day, I can't muster any real ire about it, because now, between Lewd Mod 1 and Lewd Mod 2, I've spent the grand fortune of $4.40 on this game. Oh no. I've impulse-bought things that cost much, much more.

I enjoy the game, and I want to support the creator as they continue to make it. The Patreon tier for uncensored Android updates and access to all the illustrations would be $4.50 a month, which I can't fit into my budget—but $2 for a new chapter of the game after about a year? Yeah, I can do that.

I'm not interested in expecting people to be perfect. I think the way this was handled wasn't ideal, and it's still no skin off my back to toss a couple bucks more to the creator.

Thanks for the game.

This has been a lot of fun so far! It's fun to flirt with Sophie and Maddie, although I definitely found myself worrying that if I said something too wrong, I might ruin my chances entirely. I'm used to playing either visual novels, where it's easy to backtrack and try a new choice, or sandbox games, where I know I won't lock myself out of a relationship path, and this feels somewhere in between.

I'm only on Day 8 or 9 right now, but part of me is hoping that the theme of social media censorship will be explored more. I know, I know, it's a lewd game, but I think this has the potential to be a really interesting exploration of human sexuality, self-expression, and puritanical culture, and I've liked the bits of this I've seen so far.

It would be rad if there were a way to revisit the photos that Maddie or Sophie send you. 😁

Finally, what's a good way to report typos to you? I've seen a couple here and there (most notably, "penisses"—the correct spelling is "penises").

Thanks for the game. It's fun and I'm excited to see where it goes.

I'm stoked about this. I like VNs just fine, but my favorite type of adult game I've found so far is the open-world game. I'd only found one before today—one quite similar in tone to Aurelia, in fact—and I'm very excited to discover this one too.

Cheers for your hard work at making an interesting, sexy game.

This was fun! After an (un)fortunate fall after the first event, I made it a goal of mine to throw Molly down a pit now and then.

The scenes were hot and Molly was cute! And now I want to play a full sex game Metroidvania like this...

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Really happy with the Chapter 9 update. I love that most of the crew now has content! Celine's reaction near the end of the chapter causes me a bit of concern, though—will it be possible to reach a "harem" outcome where you can romance as many of the crew as you'd like, without anyone getting jealous or closing off? I really liked that aspect of Sisterly Lust, and hope that it would be continued (but to an even bigger degree, given this game's cast size) in TftUV.

My only "complaint" about Chapter 9 was that it was over so fast. I'm eager to see where all these character relationships go... and, of course, for more of both the sex scenes and the plot! But that's really not as much a complaint as it is a testament to the quality of your work, and I certainly appreciate all you've put into making this game.

I also was just the slightest bit disappointed that the scene in the cave didn't involve more Nadya action, even while the PC was fucking Caese. Just a shot or two showing she wasn't actually asleep, but very quietly masturbating, would have been so hot. But that's small potatoes, and I'm sure there's plenty more hot sex scenes in the game's future. Can't wait!

I'm enjoying diving into this game!

I'm playing on Ubuntu, and I'd like to create a link to the game in my applications launcher. Have you created an app icon anywhere that I could use?

I was excited to try this out, but on my Ubuntu machine, my Logitech USB gamepad doesn't work. I can navigate, jump, and open my inventory, but I cannot close it and I can't attack. In fact, in a bit of irony, when I navigate to the controller settings (either from the pause menu or from the main menu), I can't navigate away, leaving me forever stuck on the controller mapping page.

Is there anything I can do to help diagnose this issue?

Now that you mention it, I'm rather surprised I haven't noticed any Hitchhiker's Guide references in TftUV. 😆

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Really enjoying this as I get started. The render quality is unbelievable. It's a slow burn at the start, though--I'm looking forward to unlocking more sexual content as the game goes on.

Hey Perverteer, do you mind if I send you a bunch of copy-editing corrections (typos/grammar) via email? I notice things like that a lot, and would love to point them out to you and help you polish the game in that way, if that would be welcome.

Also, are there relationships that get locked away if you don't make the right choice at the right time? Or is it more of a sandbox game, where you can eventually build relationships with any character in a single playthrough?

I'm gonna ROT13 my spoilers.

My wife and I tried this one out tonight, in hopes of a fun escape room-style experience. Unfortunately, we couldn't figure out the checyr nonphf. I kept trying and searching for like an hour, but just couldn't figure out that last point.

Also, a few notes and bugs:

  • "Specific" in the cheat sheet appears to be missing its second C.
  • There doesn't seem to be a way to recover lost textbooks.
  • The last line of the doorknob puzzle appears to be off by gjb lrnef.

Thanks for the game, even if we couldn't figure out how to finish it!