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Hi, thank you for reaching out. We can confirm that this is indeed a false positive. The game download is completely safe and contains no harmful files. Could you tell us what antivirus program you are using so we may contact and report it to them? Thank you in advance.

Hi there. We're really sorry to hear you've been having trouble getting the game to work. We'd be happy to help if you could provide us with some information from your end. Please email us at with your order details, device specs and what seems to be the problem in "getting it work" (does it fail at launch? does it freeze? does the game lag?) and we'd be happy to lend a hand. Our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience.

Hi, yes, our MAC port is expected to be coming around Q2-Q3 of next year! Please email us at so we can help you further.

Hello! Yes, we do! We're working on it! :-)

Hello! Thank you for your kind comments! Yes, we recently opened up a Patreon for the studio and Sergio's route is one of our goals on there! You can learn more by visiting us on our Patreon! Thank you so much again for playing Love Spell and all your support!!

Hi, sorry for the late reply. The Itch and Steam versions are separate.

Hi, thanks for reporting this bug. We'll look into it for the next update patch. Thank you for playing Love Spell and supporting the game!

Any future bugs can also be reported to 

Yes, it will! You can follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter on our website for more information on upcoming DLCs for Love Spell as we announce them. Thank you so much for your support and for playing our game!

Hi, sorry for the mix-up. This is really strange and we've reached out to Itchio customer support to look into why a few customers can't download the game files that are uploaded and the others can. In the mean time, please email with your name, Itchio username and screenshot of your proof purchase and we'll get you the files. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience!

Hi, that's a bit strange. We just confirmed that our downloads are working as expected, but please email us your name and Itchio confirmation # to and we'll get this resolved right away. Thank you for supporting the game!

Hi! We received your email and answered you with specific questions we need to know to implement a solution as no one else has reported that issue. Rest assured, we'll get that bugger fixed as soon as we can so you can finish the story. Thank you for supporting Love Spell!

Thank you so, so much. Truly.


My first indie game releases tomorrow on Itchio, but I just realized the file limit cap at 1GB. I'm reaching out to know if I can be extended more space. My game's total file size is 1.8GB and I'm uploading another version of the game that people can buy too that's 1.7GB.

Can my account please be allocated more space before our launch tomorrow? I'm terribly sorry for this late email, I am not familiar with Itchio and I did not know about the 1GB limit previous to this. I already reached out to customer support earlier.

Is there any chance, even a slim one, that this could get done before tomorrow...?

We delayed our release a few weeks to allocate additional time for aggressive testing. Our new release date is July 24th! You can read about the reasons for our short delay here! Thank you for your support!

We will be launching for Windows first & hopefully IOS sometime in the coming future! Due to the fact we are a very small studio and team and also due to the setbacks of COVID-19, we unfortunately do not have the technology nor budget right now to port to IOS so quickly. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you'll play our IOS version when it comes out!