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Thanks so much for playing!!

Thanks so much, really happy you enjoyed!

Very cool and surreal!

Hey love this asset pack, thanks for posting!

I used parts of it in my game Sleep at Night!


Hey love this asset pack, thanks for posting!

I used parts of it in my game Sleep at Night!


Hey love this asset pack, thanks for posting!

I used parts of it in my game Sleep at Night!


Hey love this asset pack, thanks for posting!

I used parts of it in my game Sleep at Night!

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Really cute, the physics remind me of Noita!

Really fun game! Simple but satisfying gameplay loop.

Really glad you liked it!

This was a charming game! Didn't like how the message came up every time I got a friend though...

Thank you! We had a lot of fun making it☺️

Was excited for the spooky vibes but it got cut a little short, wish it were longer :( Good work otherwise, the hand was definitely a jumpscare!

This was visually very easy to understand, your menus and icons are really intuitive! Really cool concept

The graphics are really cute! The RNG was a bit challenging at times :P

"alot of the bugs only appear in the built version not in engine" damn I feel that 😫

Great animations and music, I especially liked the intro music! 

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Awesome graphics! Not sure what engine you're using but keeping the moving sprites' pixels lined up with the background is a really nice attention to detail. Was really disappointed that it was over after like a couple minutes :/ Would have preferred more content over the polish, but a great proof-of-concept at least!

Loved your idea to take the breath attack from Kirby and turn that into the main mechanic. Really well crafted!

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Like others have said, the main mechanic is good. I wish for the sake of the jam that dying respawned at your current area due to having so many games to play and rate.

Kinda spooky! Reminds me a bit of Yume Nikki but with a plot.

The story was well thought out, this could definitely be expanded into a bigger game!

Thanks so much! 

Thanks so much! Our artist worked really hard perfecting the palettes, so glad you appreciated them!

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Thank you for your feedback! We have seen a couple people struggle with the collision for the red light/green light area and the ant area as well, collision could use a little tweaking for sure. Thanks for trying your best to persevere!

This guiding mechanic is really interesting, some variation in the gameplay would help a bit but the concept is cool.

Awesome entry! Writing, story, music, and art were all awesome. Gameplay was pretty good, and im sure with more time it could have been great as well. Nicely done!

Sorry I didn't realize you linked that video! That's awesome thanks so much!

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You're actually the second person to say this! None of us thought of that while making it but we love the comparion :)

Apparently our artist was thinking about it the whole time :O

Thanks for playing! There's always next time ;_;

Thank you! The plants must have been drooling 🤤

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I love that connection,  I don't think any of us thought of that!

update: our artist totally had Maniac Mansion in mind! Good eye!

Thanks so much for playing! Yea we really just wanted to put Granny in Situations and tell a fun story! 

Thanks for playing!! Yesss that bug seems to happen when you interact with the flower on the same frame it turns around and we're not too sure how to fix it 🙃 Glad you enjoyed anyway^_^

This was an excellent tower defense!! So stressful in a good way and I liked the additional farmer/watering char. The end was really challenging and the pace was great. It took me a second to get used to the mechanics but it became intuitive pretty quickly.

Very well-done game. Really enjoyed the soundtrack and the gameplay was solid as well. I felt the plant theme could have been better incorporated, but really that is my only critique.

This was a cool little beat-em-up and I loved the dramatic combos you could get into with the shroom guy. I think he could have been a little faster and some different types of environmental objects would be cool!

I wish there was more to do! The card concept was a fun twist. I kept getting softlocked every couple of battles with no cards as well :(

Nice to see a fellow grandma game in this Jam!

This had fun mini-games! The WarioWare-type gameplay was very fast.