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Thanks for the kind words guys! Glad you enjoyed it.

Adventure Creator is really cool. It's a pricey plug-in at $70 but completely worth it. It's very robust and handles most of the needed work for standard point-n-click gameplay. I was back to "learning on the fly" some this jam, but most of the brick walls I hit were Unity related and not anything to do with Adventure Creator. There were fiddly things with creating animations from sprite-sheets and UI Text positioning stuff.

If people want to add to the  list of themes, you're welcome to post some theme suggestions in this thread. I'll still vet them with some other members and if they pass that process, they'll go into the hat. 

Yes, that's pretty much it. I have a list of themes that I've vetted with some community members. Those will be placed in a hat and we'll have someone draw one at random.

Thanks for the play, Yahweasel! 

I posted this game as part of the "Bring Out Your Dead!" game jam, where people posted a bunch of their "abandoned" game projects. So yeah this is definitely not a "finished" game.  Hope that music didn't get you flagged.  Thanks again for playing it!

You're very welcome! Glad you had a great time. Hopefully we can continue to make this better and better each year!