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The above image is one of the newer renderings of the game board using physically based shading. I also added several new devlogs describing the projects progress:

Added First Pass devlog with a screen capture of what the game looked like when I first started. Also,  I added First Pass: Planar Reflections  which talks about adding planar reflections and provides some resources for those interested in how reflections work or how to implement them on their own.

Hi everyone! The project that I've been working on is called Peg Puzzle. I'll be creating devlogs and posting about the project periodically. The image above is one of my initial project progress screenshots. Check out my first devlog Getting Started where I talk a bit about how I got started working on Peg Puzzle and what I plan to accomplish.

In my newest devblog, Future Schemes, I describe plans for new Scheme features and where to go from here.

Just finished a really short devblog: Schemer References

I share some of the online references that I used in order to develop Schemer.

Hi, I'm Greg Osefo and I just released my tool Schemer for Mac OS and Windows. It's a Scheme programming language interpreter with a built-in tutorial mode as well as in-application help documentation. The tool is geared towards helping anyone (programmer or non-programmer) become familiar with Scheme and to perform basic programming.

Please visit and see if it's something you might be interested in trying out! Happy Scheming!

Schemer is not available for Mac OS and Windows! Check it out! I also plan to write a few follow-up devblogs, so definitely stay tuned. I hope this tool provides a good introduction to the Scheme Programming Language for programmers and non-programmers.

Just posted Behind the Schemes: Exactness

It talks about numbers in Scheme and how I've implemented some of the arithmetic math procedures.

Just finished writing a new devblog: Behind the Schemes: Tail Calls

This post is a bit more technical that previous posts, but I try my best to fill in potential knowledge gaps for people not familiar with programming concepts. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Regards!

Hi everyone!

My name is Greg Osefo and I'm planning to release my tool, Schemer, at the end of January 2019. Schemer is a command line interpreter for the Scheme programming language that features a tutorial mode and in-application help documentation. Schemer is also geared towards those with or without prior programming knowledge, so if you've ever been interested in getting a feel for programming, this might be the tool for you to at least get your feet wet in.

I'm on the home stretch and wanted to share some of the devblog posts that I have been uploading over the last couple of weeks:

Why Scheme?

Scheming After Christmas

New Year, New Sche(me)

Stay tuned because I will be sharing more devblog posts leading up to the release. Thank you in advance for taking the time to check out my page. Take care!

Thanks for reminding me. I just uploaded a version containing the fixes for multi-monitor.

Thank you for the extra information and troubleshooting. I was about to reproduce what you've been experiencing by setting up a dual monitor on my side as well. Finding the issue also immediately revealed why your log file was empty as well. I just submitted a new version and outlined the changes in Hotfix 2. Your startup issue should be fixed (if not, let me know). Thank you again.

Hey, can you check one more time that your startup.log is empty (ensure that the the application is not currently running/attempting to run)? Also, can you verify that you have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Update 3 (x64) installed as well. If there's anything worth noting about your Windows installation (e.g. you use a special theme, have certain features explicitly disabled, interesting resolution, or refresh rate) please let me know.

The only way that I can see for the file to be created (and empty) and the application exits the way that you described is for windows to kill the app due to a missing dependency (e.g. shared library). In the case where windows kills the app, it would typically display a message box indicating the that something was missing.

Anyway, I just want to offer up some additional information to get you working; however, I would completely understand if you were done trying to get this to work on your machine. Keep me posted if you have any new information and thank you again for downloading, attempting to play, and your feedback thus far.

Very interesting. The fact that the log is empty is useful information. I'll take another look and see if the issue reveals itself.

Hey musikaffe57! I just uploaded a new version. See Hotfix 1 for what changed and let me know if you're still experiencing your issue.

Hey musikaffe57, I'm sorry that it failed to launch for you. I suspect that something failed during initialization. I'll add some logging to help track it down.