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Well done! I loved this. :) 

Hey there! :)

I was looking at the wave effect, and I noticed that it was just making the whole word move up and down as opposed to by character. I managed to fix it by adding +cc in the Draw GUI event for the "wave case" - like it does in the "wave AND colour shift case" - so it reads: 

case 2: //wave
var so = t + cc;

Love your work!

Thanks heaps! :) I'll shoot you an email with my project.

So I managed to get the text box to display by turning off this CRT shader I'm using. But it's very tiny - I'm assuming that's because of the scaling options in the Create event of the obj_textbox, so I just need to tweak those a little. 

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This is wonderful! :) Thank you so much for making and sharing with us. 

For some reason when I import it into my existing project, and run it, the text boxes aren't appearing. I have an object set up to trigger a textevent when the player object collides with it, and I can hear the sound effects playing, and when I press E, I can hear that it's going to the next section, but I still can't see anything. Any ideas why? Sorry, I know that's kind of vague, but if there's any other info I can give you to help you help me, please let me know!