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thanks! <3

thanks back <3

cool, vrey much thank u back

omg love that comment ty, everything i wanted to  achieve tbh

thank u sm uwu

ahh,i  just found this game and as a non-terrian person myself i feel very seen uwu really amazing art style, sound and conversation!

i guess u are not still in development with this one? :') would be amazing to play more, tho i see that i am a few years late to ask this question

damn, that is a very polished and also very fun game, good job!

sooo fun! really had some old arcade machine vibes, also with the highscore list and all. some sound would add a lot tho

it is indeed very, very, very, very simple and also very, very, very, very good uwu short, but very creative and fun

i was in there for what felt like hours, now back in the real world i am asking myself if this is even real or where the hell my damn buns are, how will we survive without burgers

also very pretty font

ahh wow, very cute, very wholesome and amazing style and idea uwu


always love a social media simulation and i really like ur combination of this mechanic with the stargazing activity. also looking forward to a extension of the game uwu 

this was such a wholesome amazing experience, i love it! (also really rooting for yellow and orange uwu)

it is simple but yet so important! thanks for creating this game :)

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a very wholesome little game! thanks so much for this cute experience <3

Thanks dude! Glad you liked it

love, love, love the idea!! and graphics are cute too :3