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Fantastic game! Though I will admit that it needs a few tweaks such as an alarm when when your health gets low and a cowboy death animation. But for a game made in 2 weeks, this is great! I hope to see a newer version/sequel of this game in the future! :D

Any chance of an actual GameBoy Color version of this game that I can play on my Analogue Pocket?

This is a great game, I love the fact that it's almost, Joust the Platformer! :D Thing is, do the save pads actually save the game? It's because each time I go back to the game I start from the beginning again.

Ah ha, I wondered what the "effect" was. I thought there were power-ups you collect later on as you ascend the tables. I've tried it out, and it curves the ball in the opposite direction that I move the paddle.

Awesome game, but I wish there were a better way to control the ball. In your typical break-out and pong games, you can change the ball's trajectory by making the ball land on different parts of the paddle. if the ball lands on the very centre of the paddle, the ball bounces straight up, but if it is to the sides of the paddle, you can then change the angle and make the ball go where you want it to.

Don't get me wrong, it's a great game, but it does need a little polish.

I downloaded the demo, and when I run the game it pops up with an error that says "Failed to load library sdl.hdll," but sdl.hdll is there in the same directory as the demo executable.

I got this game through the Ukraine Bundle. Awesome game! I love it's mix of Speed running and looking a bit like New Zealand Story. Any chance of a Linux version in the future?

How does it run well when running from the command line?

This game is great! Any chance of seeing a Raspberry Pi version in the future?

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Yeah, I would love to see an ARM version that works on the Raspberry Pi!

I love using my Raspberry Pi as a Pico-8 console. As much as Picolumia is fun, I really miss the music from the full game.

Nah, I don't need a refund. I have x86 machines I can run the game on. It's just that I've been doing little projects where I build little arcade cabs with Raspberry Pis inside, and I thought I would try Mixolumia, seeing as there's a Pico-8 version, but I totally forgot that the Raspberry Pi is ARM-based and not x86 based.

Maybe there's an embedded Linux system out there that uses x86?

Oh wait, I just had a brain fart!

Is it because it's an X86 game rather than an ARM game? Why didn't I think of this!? lol!

Running the game on a Raspberry Pi, and I keep getting this error.

ELF: not found
syntax error: unexpected ")"

Trying to work out if I can install this elf thing, but all that I find on Google is that ELF is some kind of programming thing.