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I downloaded the demo, and when I run the game it pops up with an error that says "Failed to load library sdl.hdll," but sdl.hdll is there in the same directory as the demo executable.

I got this game through the Ukraine Bundle. Awesome game! I love it's mix of Speed running and looking a bit like New Zealand Story. Any chance of a Linux version in the future?

How does it run well when running from the command line?

This game is great! Any chance of seeing a Raspberry Pi version in the future?

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Yeah, I would love to see an ARM version that works on the Raspberry Pi!

I love using my Raspberry Pi as a Pico-8 console. As much as Picolumia is fun, I really miss the music from the full game.

Nah, I don't need a refund. I have x86 machines I can run the game on. It's just that I've been doing little projects where I build little arcade cabs with Raspberry Pis inside, and I thought I would try Mixolumia, seeing as there's a Pico-8 version, but I totally forgot that the Raspberry Pi is ARM-based and not x86 based.

Maybe there's an embedded Linux system out there that uses x86?

Oh wait, I just had a brain fart!

Is it because it's an X86 game rather than an ARM game? Why didn't I think of this!? lol!

Running the game on a Raspberry Pi, and I keep getting this error.

ELF: not found
syntax error: unexpected ")"

Trying to work out if I can install this elf thing, but all that I find on Google is that ELF is some kind of programming thing.