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This was a fun game to play with a slight challenge to control your taxi, as well as trying not to run out of battery power, we had a blast playing it!! 

Honestly, we aren't sure if that would incentivize players to head into oncoming traffic, we just did it to beat the traffic that was in our way already...  So perhaps it would give the player incentive to head into oncoming traffic o.O

We had an absolute blast playing this!!   We had even more fun before we started recording!!   As others have said tho, it would be neat if there were bonus points for driving in oncoming traffic.   

No Problem!!  Keep up the good work!!   We will keep our eyes out for the full release :)

We enjoyed this, are you going to release a full version...?   If so we would like to play the full version, some of the mechanics and physics were fun to play around with :)  All in all, it was fun!! 

No Problem!!  Good luck with your submission!!  We are going to work on that bonus section off camera xD

We enjoyed this game!!  The mechanics were easy to figure out!!  The design was pretty clever, like it took place on an ancient greek vase.  

This game was fun!!   Very easy to figure out, and plenty of ammo and medkits lying around.  

This was a great game, and a good take on a classic tale!! Nicely done!!

We enjoyed this game!!  Pretty awesome retro-styled game!!   It was fun!! 

We played this last night, loved the art style, it took us a little bit to figure out the controls, but that is just us!!  

Looks like you got a whole lot further than we did in our play-thru , then again we don't normally play FPS shooters...   We enjoyed watching you play :)

We had a blast playing this game and sorting out the mechanics!!   Just the type of Christmas game that piques our interest!!   

This was a very fun side scroller, we thought it would be easy, with only one button...  Boy were we wrong xD  Good job on the game guys!!  We thoroughly enjoyed playing it, probably will play it in our spare time :)  

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Here is our link to the re-uploaded video :) 

We had fun playing this game!!  It is a fun puzzle game!!  We recorded a video for our channel, we should be posting it tomorrow as a comment, as our editing software messed it up :/

Ah, ok didn't realize we could have hit "x" and gone to the next area, we will have to try that!!  We look forward to the updates to the game, and perhaps do a follow-up video in the future :)

This game was nicely designed, we may have encountered a bug that didn't allow us past the timed wall jump.   We had a blast tho :)

That would have made life so much easier, we spent like 15 mins on one puzzle xD Going to have to replay the game with the new information :) We are glad you made the game tho :)  

This was a fun game!!  Good job!!  We had a great time!!  The game was very well polished!! 

This is a fun game!!  Desktop version is glitched to where difficulty is not showing up, browser works just fine :)  We enjoyed this game!!

This game was fun, we can't wait for a full release!! 

We really enjoyed this game!!  Simple, yet amusing.  

We just did a video on this game, however we could not get the cooler lid to stay open, once we opened it with the hand, it immediately closed... We love the art style, and the concept tho :)

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You are a special type of twisted, eh? lol We had a blast :) We plan on playing it in our personal time, you did well!!

This game tested the limits of our sanity, but we loved it!!  

We had a blast!!  

Any time!!  We had a blast!! 

This was an interesting game to play!!  

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This was an interesting game, we enjoyed it :)  

This was a fun Platformer!!

We liked this game!!  We made a video of it :) 

This was a fantastic and beautiful game, just wish it was a little longer!!  We encountered a glitch on our playthrough tho. 

No Problem, we are looking forward to the next part!!  Sorry if we butchered your name :/  

Another fantastic game!!  We enjoyed every minute!!   Keep them coming!! 

We did a Let's Play of the game Friday, we hope to see more from you, or more parts to add to the story!!