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Can't wait :)

Honestly, we would like to do a video on the final product, because we loved the preview :)

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Love the original, not sure what was modded aside from maybe the walls being blue...? 

We loved this game!!  Good atmosphere too!!  Can't wait for part 2!!  

This was an interesting game, would like to see more if you decide to continue updating it, loved the art style and the music choice!!  Would be neat to see it in more languages as well!! 

Thank you devs for creating such a fabulous and entertaining game!! We are a bit late to the party, but we enjoyed every moment we spent playing this game!! 

We loved the game design!!  Gave it a little challenge!!   Good work!!  

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Just realized after seeing this pop up, that we did a video on it... Can't believe we forgot to include a comment about it :O  We loved the game!!  Just reading that you guys are looking at adding to it, perhaps we should revisit it :) 

This is a nice game!!    We loved the concept!!  

This was quite a delightful game!! 

We had a blast, we enjoyed the themes...  The retro feel of it, the art... Well Done, excellent choice in game music too!! 

First game in a long time that got us with a jump scare, wasn't really meant to work like that, but we enjoyed the challenge!!  

We will include a video upon returning home :)

Can't say enough good about this game, you become your own worst enemy in this game... love it, very well done!!

We played the game and found the game to be interesting, however when you go to open the inventory menu with "TAB" the inventory menu will not go away even after hitting escape, or "X" or even tab, to the point where you end up dying and having to start over...  Interesting premise tho.

We had a blast playing this game, it can be frustrating at times... That just adds to the charm!!   Well made game!!  Well done!! 

It is all good :)  We are human too, so we understand stuff happens xD

Fun game, challenging, well designed with good graphics!!  

We really enjoyed this challenging game!!   We made a video for our Youtube channel!! 

We just realized that we never shared our video of the game!!  Oops, here it is :) 

Very nicely done game!!  Sorry we got the name wrong in our intro :(  

This game was pretty well done guys!!  The art was beautiful, and the story has left us in suspense!!   We will do a part 2 follow up soon :) 

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The people standing on the roof are your lives as we understand it...  We are playing the game to have fun :/ And, no nobody paid us to write that.  Sorry if our video upset you.  Also, we cover the full game in our let's play.

This was a fun game!!  We enjoyed the sound effects too!!

Very fun game!!  We really enjoyed playing it, looking forward to the main release!!

Thought it was a feature working as intended :p  We will be playing the last levels today, off camera, gotta finish the game :)  

Very fun game!!   We forgot to read the story on the page!!  Sorry devs o.o 

Not sure if it was just us or not, but trying to get into the game from the main menu, pushed all the buttons and nothing happened, not sure if that is a glitch for windows or not.  Would like to check out the game :)

This game had a bit of a learning curve, but it was awesome and creative once we figured it out!!  This is an awesome  game :)

We don't have what it takes :(  This was an entertaining challenge tho, although it is better suited for a controller than the keyboard as inputs seem laggy...   We enjoyed the challenge!! 

Yeah We will second the not being able to make that first long jump without kicking, but it is a really nicely designed game.  Have you thought about a health meter?  Would help the player know how much hp they have...   All in all a very fun game!! 

This is a very interesting game... The intro was pretty cool too!! Yeah, those poles are no joke o.o 

This game was really fun, we think we encountered a bug tho, we would get the honey, and it would bring us to 95 or 100, but a relaunch of the game only had us gain maybe 20 points each time, definitely a fun game with potential!! 

We tried to play it, but it seemed like no matter what button we pushed, nothing happened...  Was it by chance designed for a controller...?

This was a fun game to play with a slight challenge to control your taxi, as well as trying not to run out of battery power, we had a blast playing it!! 

Honestly, we aren't sure if that would incentivize players to head into oncoming traffic, we just did it to beat the traffic that was in our way already...  So perhaps it would give the player incentive to head into oncoming traffic o.O

We had an absolute blast playing this!!   We had even more fun before we started recording!!   As others have said tho, it would be neat if there were bonus points for driving in oncoming traffic.   

No Problem!!  Keep up the good work!!   We will keep our eyes out for the full release :)

We enjoyed this, are you going to release a full version...?   If so we would like to play the full version, some of the mechanics and physics were fun to play around with :)  All in all, it was fun!! 

No Problem!!  Good luck with your submission!!  We are going to work on that bonus section off camera xD