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This was quite an interesting game!! We enjoyed it, the puzzles were quite a challenge at times...  

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It is no problem, as you saw we had a blast!!  Bonus, did you see the death counter we put in it...?

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We had an absolute blast playing your game!!  We would love to see more levels added, if you guys continue with development!! 

We tried this game out, we weren't able to get past the first level, and we kept getting killed, is there  a way to fight the granny or do you just have to run away from it the entirety of the game..?  Very interesting concept tho :)

It's alright... We have a way of finding bugs xD  We think it is an unwritten rule that if someone has issues with something you create you need to cringe.  It gave us an idea for an end card :)  Just don't beat yourself up too badly about it!!

The note thing was user error...  If you watch til the end, there was a glitch in the catacombs...  We even posted a final count for how many times the user error occured xD

We had a blast playing this game!!   Thank you devs for this Horror-Comedy game!!  We may have found a few bugs... 

This was a very cool demo, we had a blast trying to solve the puzzles!!   Nice environment!!  We can't wait to see more of the game!! 

We are looking forward to seeing it!!

This is quite an interesting game!! We enjoyed sculpting in it!!  We would like to see the ability to disable motion blur, and turn down some brightness in the snowman level, but other than that, Good Job!!

We had a blast with this game, it was kind of frustrating, like when he goes further than the current camera view..   But a fun game!!

It is a terrific game, we are looking forward to the full release!!

We absolutely adored the art style, and the game mechanics,l!!  Awesome job so far guys!!  We had an absolute blast!!

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This was quite interesting!! We are curious to see more!!  We actually made it through the entire game!! 

No problem!!   Can't wait for the update!!

More and more is being added to the game!!  We are liking what we are seeing!! 

We will find out!!

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Can't wait to see your future update!!  Looks great as it sits now!! 

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We have found a few minor bugs, but we are more curious than ever to see what awaits in the lair in the air!! 

This is a very fun game, and we like everything about it!!  

As are we!!   Can't wait to see what the devs have in store!!

We go exploring in the new map!! 

Part 3 of our series on this game!!  Map expansion and more!! 

New video with our thoughts on the update: 

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This is a very promising game!!  We are  looking forward to seeing more as it is developed!!  Can't wait to delve into the story, when you guys write it!!

We loved how everything worked in this game!!  We had a blast with the challenge as well, we couldn't survive for the 1.30 needed sadly, we got blasted off!!   All in all a very fun game!!

This is an extremely amusing game that we could get lost playing for hours!!

Perhaps add in the ability to control the camera after death...?

We really enjoyed all elements of this game!!  

This was an interesting premise,  would like to see what evolves later on!! 

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We were thinking that would happen, would be a very nice game mechanic if she did, or even sent the crows after you!!

A fun little game that was pretty straight forward and easy to figure out!!  The movement could use a little polishing, but overall a good game, that we had fun playing!! Here's our playthrough:

This was a fun little puzzle game, good design, and the puzzles were self explanitory!!  We can't wait to play the full version!!

This was fun!!   Sparky was a little down until the end, but we enjoyed it!! 

Honestly, we would like to do a video on the final product, because we loved the preview :)