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We tried this game out, we weren't able to get past the first level, and we kept getting killed, is there  a way to fight the granny or do you just have to run away from it the entirety of the game..?  Very interesting concept tho :)

Hey, GrayDeathSociety! Thanks for posting a suggestion. You have to run away from the Granny. There is NO way to defeat her. However, the granny will only chase you if she sees you. The first level is hard, yet it is possible to complete. When you walk into the cave there should be a golden circle on the floor. It is a launchpad. You  jump up over the fire and find a stone door. You then complete the parkour. (don't jump onto the first stand, just walk.) You then jump down using the platforms, go into the box and find the next level token. If you still need help just ask. :)

Pro tip: press e and see what happens. xD