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The note thing was user error...  If you watch til the end, there was a glitch in the catacombs...  We even posted a final count for how many times the user error occured xD


I appreciate that you still had a good time even though it was bugging out on you! When I see that it was popping up I was cringing hardcore on my end haha. Picard facepalming hardcore. I was like "but how is that even possible" because in order to pull open a note you have to be beside it. It's a strange bug that I hope I fixed in the new build. 

It's alright... We have a way of finding bugs xD  We think it is an unwritten rule that if someone has issues with something you create you need to cringe.  It gave us an idea for an end card :)  Just don't beat yourself up too badly about it!!