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We work on a new project ,  

and we are looking for some  people to join the team and help us to run the social network and work with us as a teammate

If you are interested please mail me


Greetings! Thank you!

Good pixelart:)


In fact, we used it for Hint button as a homage o our team to Professor's works 

Good work! Thank you so much

Very cute, simple and fun. Bravo

Please, use a message on

Greetings! Thanks! Always open for collaboration, so please contact me directly

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Greetings! Once I needed to fast created a draft, but presentable map for a game.  I want to share some free tools and solutions what I found. 

I will happy, if this will be handy for anyone

The absolutely great online tool, you really can do some good in a few minutes -

Some more time to learn, but online and atmospheric -

Very simple -

Always remember about opengameart:

Finally, I choosed and get this result

Thank you for reading:)

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Greetings! Take a look on a walkthrought

Warning! Spoilers^)

Can you help the magic creature to save his family in this incredible adventure in this beautiful match-3 game? Full Pc-Mac game and Demos

Father's Day - it's a fun and simple Match-3 game.  

...I'm just a father, and together with my son we a little bit naughty boys… That say my lovely wife, off course! But this Holiday journey onto local mountain with my son on Father's Day turned into failure! I need to save him! Or my honey will will beat us both… And she will be right, I swear! Sorry, no time to talk, I need to climb up this mountain and save my son!

Please, take a look on a Demo

Father's Day also have a feed on Devlogs -

Greetings! This is the full version of Beyond The Invisible: Evening (with lot of available languages, for PC and ported on macOs too)

You see a little orphan, street urchin. He lost his family, house, only friend... But no one can take his courage. He has not lost hope and walks through the fear and darkness and will not give anybody for kidnapping by Shadows in this city. Walk this way with him.

You can firstly play Demo (about a half hour of gameplay)


Father's Day is a Match-3 game about adventures of Father and Son during holiday hiking.

Now we have a main game mechanics, presented in a Demo


- casual game, suitable for all ages

- atmospheric music and sound

- pretty art

- simple gameplay

- warm family story


- PC, macOs, may be Android


We try to create a simple game, but with lot of features. We will post here all the updates.

And we ask for any advice, comments or feedbacks. Thank you in advance!