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Comprando pelo pix é em dolar ainda? (5 dolares)

I've been running a campaign with this system for a while, would love to read more about your experience!

Would love to see an expansion to it! I've been using these tiles for a couple years now.

I think I sent it, of it didn't work tell me somewhere else I can send maybe. Thanks for making this game!

If you want I can just send it to you and you can put on this page alongside the english one. But I can post it on my Itch and link it back no problem at all.

What font did you use for this? Would you be okay if I made a Portuguese translation?

Really like this, very elegant and cute and I feel it's a very interesting use of the d6 as the main dice.

Just read through most of it, this game is beautiful and so well detailed, the text is both haunting, funny and full of personality. The classes made me laugh, the mechanics made me think and the setting made me shiver, beautiful.


Beautiful, beautiful game

Is this inspired by the Monument Mythos?

Inclusive uma que de pra mudar o nome das coisas tipo dom, origem, experiência e etc pra outras coisas? Isso que eu estava procurando não consegui achar infelizmente

This game looks awesome! Haven't played it yet but I would love to see a supplement with more archetypes to it as well, like a DLC, so sick!

Existe alguma ficha de personagem que possa editar ou os traços de personagem estejam vazios pra poder editar pra um jogo?

Update! I just found out that the character sheet was lacking the Mass "attribute", plus I added an extra text in the advencement part.

Another very minor change clarifying multiple targets combat plus a single word added to the NPCs text.

Thank you so much for the little review! I hope you enjoyed your read and enjoy playing it if you ever try it out!

Thank you! But be careful when ingesting the soup

Thank you so much Soupfantasy fan, thank you for Bastards.!

Do you roll all of them? So like, when fighting a red dragon, one needs to make an attack that breaks a 10d8+6 defense initial defense?? I always thought you rolled each dice separately for soaking, ao trying to attack a red dragon would be Attack VS 1d8+6 and if it beats the defense the dragon's HD is reduced.

Thanks! It's pretty old stuff but I'm still really happy with it

Boom, custom content!

If you need some help with the translation! Can't help much with layout but would love to aid somehow!

Has this been done? :0

For the LATAM folk! Feel free to grab a community copy for free <3

Issue fixed in the PDF! Took a while cuz of PC problems.

I'm just a small content creator but feel free to translate any of my shit if so pleased or desired! 💛

Will we still get a big update?

Yeah, you can't normally lose PD.

(1 edit)

That is a very valid question and indeed there is little talking about that in the PDF!

But basically, you can normally bet up to your PD (power dice), thats what betting a dice means, saying that you like, bet 3 dice for example. Your PD is normally 6 but that can be altered and the actions you can take sometimes may alter that or give you specific numbers to bet. We will probably do a little patch correcting some of those mistakes.

Hope that answers your question! I'm really glad you enjoyed the concept of it!


Bem vindo a Lutadores GalacticX, um jogo de interpretação/jogo de apostas/jogo de festa onde você cria o seu próprio Lutador GalacticX e luta contra os Lutadores GalacticX dos seus amigos.

Lutadores GalacticX é um simulador minimalista de lutas épicas e over the top de anime com escalas de poderes não-existentes ou extremamente disfuncionais, crie o seu lutador, escreva transformações, role uns dados e interprete os resultados!
Como você pode ver, isso é fortemente inspirado em animes battle shounens estúpidos de porrada como Dragon Ball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho e muitos outros (mais Dragon Ball Z msm).


Played it in a one-shot of Rotblack Sludge and it was awesome! Amazing class

Yo, I want to play as a Marrow Bee Keeper now...

Glad you enjoyed it! I particularly hate tracking money on my games so I understand your emotions.

Just read the v0.4 version and I am beyond excited for this! 

You are awesome and respected, thank you so much.

That's awesome! I've been thinking about a Mork Borg in space and the barges would fit an adventure of that type perfectly! Amazing system.

Fixed the typo and explained a little better some things.

Thank you for your support and your kind words!

Honestly, one of the best games I've read in a while.

No increases then I suppose? I think I got it.