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Anatole Arakelov

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Came for the cool art (nice textures) and stayed for enjoyable gameplay. Fun little game. 

Thank you so much for the thoughtful review!

Thank you for checking out our game!

Sorry about this. Thank you for taking your time to check it out!

Really appreciate it!

Thank you so much! Have fun finishing it!

Sorry, we don't have a mac build. Windows only. Thank you the comment though.

Amazing. I gave it a perfect score. I also ran into the same glitch as TomatoOmelete, but I still absolutely love the game. So innovative, simply amazing art, sound, solid controls, unique idea of the stem mechanic. 

Niice. Perfect entry for a "buggy" game. Real scary too :)

Soooo beautiful. It looks like you worked really hard on it. Amazing visuals and atmosphere. I had the same problem as Mad Mushroom and didn't know what to do after the bridge, but then read the comments and finished the game. Awesome. Maybe just clearer directions would help not get lost. 

So cute and peaceful. Nice tricky level layout. Short but sweet. 

Got you. Well, no one is immune from bugs, am I right :)

I think you and our team's game are the only 2, who used Bug river as a setting. We also have a water creature from Slavic mythology, although it's much different from your monsters :)

Thank you for taking the time to play and write this review. I'm glad you enjoyed our weird characters and art, and we're taking into consideration the criticism.

Awesome drawing, animations, story. Pretty funny with all the puns and accents. Really liked your game!

Great little game. Shooting is fun, and it's a unique interpretation of the theme with Bug River, Mykolaiv, and the Vodianyks. I actually grew up not too far from Mykolaiv lol 

Thank you!

Thank you for the review. Glad you like the art. 

Thank you so much. Glad you liked our art!

I think the visuals work well for the idea of the game, but yeah, a bit too much. I actually want to go back to the game a bit later and try to beat it :)

Great first game. Sure, not very polished, but fun for a little while. It was funny to hear (probably) your voice

This is really cool and intense if a bit hard to control. The voice makes it super interesting and mysterious. Visuals are unique and fit the theme, but I'd suggest slowing down the mouse movement and maybe adding an epilepsy warning :) it's kind of taxing on the eyes. Really good level layout also

It's nice. Good illustrations. Pretty fun game

I really like the game mechanic idea, having to move to collect your ammo (dung) makes it even more intense. It was a bit hard to see where to move and differentiate the walls from the ground in the beginning, but I got used to it, and overall had fun. Good, cute characters too. Good job!

Sooo cute and fun. Love the character designs, the interesting lighting, nice atmosphere. Reminded me of the game we made a little. The camera movement is a bit weird (we also have this problem) and it clips through the floor, but overall really enjoyable!

Satisfying fast-paced platformer. Really like the style and the controls.

Really cool style, animations, super cute designs, and a nice sense of humor. The controls need to get used to but overall love it. 

Love the style and the character design (cool cape), but when I reach the light, I go back to the beginning of level 1. Is it just one level? 

Love the cover, the noir touch is pretty cool, nice music, and simple, polished gameplay.