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Interesting concept :) The game was fun to play too!

I like the concept and it was fun doing the puzzles! I did not really understand the mechanics with the yellow part though, but I still managed to finish the game.

Also, I am not really a fun of text tutorials, but overall it’s a nice game:)

Thanks for the tips! It’s nice to get live feedback.

Amazing art & animation!! Love the concept of collecting coats.


Thanks for the feedback!

You should be able to destroy the stumps by walking against them :) It takes a little while though, before they are destroyed (a bit too long..)

Thanks for the feedback!

Fun concept and nice use of the limitation :)

Challenging! Presentation is nice and the objective was clear. It does get repetitive after a while though; different enemy types or powerups might have been fun.

Unfortunately the game won’t play :( I had the same issue when publishing my entry, and doing this resolved the issue:

Cute relaxing game :) Love all the lil messages

Very fun to play :)

Bonus points for pico-8

Thank you!! I like your game as well :)

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!!

I enjoyed playing your game! Very challenging at some points, Level 4 in particular. And I like the concept, which is similar like mine, like you already mentioned :-) Great work!

Enjoyed playing it :) It was challenging, and I really had to think a bit strategically when I got further in the game.