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By far one of the most gut wrenching games I've ever played in quite a while. It's simple, yet so, so, soooo effective. Insane job

Que me se saltan las lajrimas muchacho, no me digas estas cosas tan bonitas!! Tengo ganas de ver también a tu hijo digital en plena acción pronto, que apunta a juego bien calentito y divertido

Solid entry with an at first hard to understand control scheme but that gets fun after you get the handle of it. Spritework is superb and each place is well defined. Would be cool to get points for doing crazy stunts or something but really charming as it is right now.

Love the narrative, and the overall mechanic feel fine to use. However it gets a little bit disorienting changing the direction of where to go when you reach a new room, and the overal punishment for approaching foes doesn't really feel that dangerous. Nice sprites though, love the face Wesley makes when he's shooting!

Thanks for the thoughts!! A highscore list in on the, well, list, and I'll try to add it on the Newgrounds version coming soon after the end of the jam (as well as some touch controls for mobile)

Tough as nails and solid as hell, definitely something made by the one and only "Straight Lines" McCloskey!!

Really solid game!! Really love the spritework and the aesthetics of it!! Also tough as nails since you can only get hit twice. Fun experience overall!

Thanks a lot for the comment!! The delay on the punch was deliberate to make it more challenging (otherwise people will just punch their way out of everything), but since some people have been having the same reaction to it I will speed up the animation and tweak the hitbox to be more forgiving on an incoming update to the game.

This is fucking insane!!

Quite an improvement from the last time I played your game! The HUD is clean and smooth, the map has the perfect size to it and the atmosphere is top notch quality! I'll add some helpful tweaks though, like making the cracks of the places you can break more noticeable (they are hard to spot when there's grass in front of it) and add some shortcuts to improve interconnectivity between areas. The rest is still great, so amazing job and keep on devin'!

Fucking play this. That's it, just play it. Try not to play it at night though, unless you don't want to sleep ever again.

This mofo gets how to engage people with their games for sure! Short experience with creepy moments, would love to see more things like this one

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This is more addictive than crack. Great small game to fiddle around with when you have some time to kill. Also don't select Style 2, the guy who made that track sucks (it was me)