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Thank you!

Thanks :)

We will add that function in the update :)

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Thank you for the gameplay video! The bat has 6 HP and you have to jump-melee him while he is on cooldown.

Okay, we will investigate the issue end report as soon as possible.

Do you have a 32 or 64 bit operating system?

Can you please explain a little bit more?


No problemos :)

It was made in Construct 2

Our intention in multiplayer was to limit the roll (every 3 seconds) because in our testing we found out that it was over powered. The infinity roll on a joystick is our mistake and it will be fixed in the update. We will also reduce the roll cooldown time to 1.5 seconds

By reducing the jump height?

Hello! We will soon be working on translations of the game.

Thanks, we will investigate that

We will keep that in mind. Thanks for feedback.

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Can you explain us your thought more in detail?

Welcome to the Deep:  Pixel-art platformer game located deep inside caves.


You are a cave explorer who accidentally falls in a pit which leads to a big cave system. After some exploration, you find remains of an old civilization that used to live there, but they are long extinct, but the cave is still populated with Bats, Slimes and other kinds of creatures. After hours of climbing, jumping, and swimming you find the exit.



The game will be coming out on 1st of December 2018

For more information visit our page: or support development by purchasing Supporter Edition here: