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i love how the food looks!

I love the story behind the game! will there be updates?

I love the idea behind this game! like an idiot i sat for about 10min waiting for something to happen until i found how what i had to do haha

even though they were funny, the game still made me jump a few times!

The jump scares where kida funny haha, keep up the good work!

i love the idea of the game! very cool way to make a memory game haha, sadly i did not get to win :(

cant wait to see the updates ;) 

very cool game idea! i played for over an hour and did not make it far haha. 

i love how the game looks! other than that i think there should be some kind of boss or end game after you make it through all of the rooms. 

I came across some glitches while playing but i still had fun!

gameplay at 16:33

i love how the enemies scream then blow up when you kill them haha

game play at 8:58

Very cool game idea, had a lot of fun!

will there be any updates? i think you have something cool going on with your game

game looks very cool but i cannot download it. The mega website took 30min to download 5gigs out of 5.24 then it told me i cannot finish the download because the file was too big and i will have to pay to finish the download. Any chance you can post your game files somewhere else? 

is there an ending where everyone walks home alive? 

will you guys be updating the game?

very cool game. even though i was doing the same thing over and over again you somehow made it fun haha 

gameplay at 10;42
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i love the idea of the game, was a lot of fun ;) 

gameplay at 5:19

Very fun game, i like to fish so this game is up my alley. 

The sneak level with the 3 velociraptors was very hard and almost made me rage quit haha but i was finally able to do it. Cant wait for updates to your great game! 

Very cool idea for a horror game, was a bit hard for me so i had to cut out many attempts. Very rewarding after i finally made it haha, game-play at 6:27

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Very cool idea, i hope you will add more objectives ;) game at 13:15

i enjoyed the game a lot,hopefully developments will start again soon

very interesting game, other than the brightness being too bright your game was fun!

very cool game, sorry for not being good at your game haha

Very cool game idea! Had a lot of fun playing this game, sorry in advance for my mic quality 

sorry i am not good at these games haha

i like the idea of hiding the energy bar, did make me panic more than i should have haha

very cool game! had a lot of fun playing it

i could not get past the 3rd level but i still had fun! 

Very cool game! cant wait for multiplayer to come out

even though i struggled a lot i played over half an hour because i was having fun, after i uploaded that video i went back later and played some more, i think your game is hard but fun ! 

i had fun playing your game! Keep up the good work

watch me struggle as i try to find out how things work, i had a lot of fun playing  game!

very cool game, i got stuck and couldn't find a way to open what looked like the last door

whoops lol

very cool, i will try to find the endings have missed 

I had fun until the game crashed, very cool idea!

i like the game!

I like this game! i was not able to find ending #3 but i hope you continue updating this or make other similar horror games !