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Thank you for the suggestion! A multilingual version containing french, english, spanish, german and maybe some other languages would be pretty nice, I think. It's just a small amount of text to translate, but I don't know if I can find the time to do the programming/debugging currently...

Hey, that looks quite promising, I found the setting to be quite intriguing. I'm hoping that you will expand on this concept, would love to play a full game in this style!

Was never truly away, just hiding under a rock most of the time. Thank you for the kind words!

Thank you so much for featuring our game, much appreciated!

Whaat, a new SNES game I don't know about yet? Just beat the game on real hardware and enjoyed it a lot, this is just great! Loved the twist, felt very fresh and outside the box! The atmosphere created by the graphics, music and dialogue is surprisingly tense considering the small scope. Amazing that you created all this in just three days. I noticed a couple of graphical glitches that although having never worked with pvsneslib I believe to be easy fixes:

  • garbled graphics during initial boot and scene change: maybe try setting the screen brightness to 0 or enable forced blank during screen transitions (both via register INIDSP/$2100)
  • character disappearing on left screen border: Allow sprite x-position to wrap around to negative value (msb of sprite x-position in high OAM table) or just don't allow player sprite x-position smaller than 0.

All in all a very welcome addition to the small SNES homebrew library! Thank you so much for putting in the effort, very much looking forward to your future work!

Greetings from a fellow SNES developer

Thank you so much! This is strictly non-commercial, so I won't be enabling the payment option, but thanks for the offer, much appreciated!

Not at the moment, I haven't looked into it yet.

That depends on the number of bugs being discovered in the future.

Thank you for your suggestion! I have added a small changelog to the page. I'm hesitant to offer anything but the latest version for download because I would like people to experience only the best and most bugfree version of the game.

This looks very promising, looking forward to playing it! =)

That's a fun little game, thank you for sharing! What I did not understand is why the player spontaneously seemed to warp to different maps when walking on certain, otherwise normal looking tiles (e.g. on the very first map). Apart from that, a fun romp!

That's very flattering, thank you so much!

Nice video, thank you!

First of all, congratulations on a well-deserved victory to Benny and many thanks to marshoepial for hosting this event!

I had a lot of fun creating my submission and equally enjoyed checking out and playing the other entries, each of which I feel was an accomplishment on its own.
Despite the number of entries, I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of genres and ideas presented.

My own entry fell well short of my ambitions, I'd originally planned a game with 8 worlds, a map, cutscene-driven story and many magic moments. In the end, I had to reduce my daily sleep cycle to 4 hours just to be able to meet the deadline and have something at least resembling a somewhat coherent game (Due to scheduling conflicts, my personal deadline was a few days earlier than the official one).

What I found disappointing from a personal point of view was the lack of participation by established members of the snesdev community.

Torte00 is a newcomer, I'd consider Benny to be a relatively new member and I don't know anything about cand. Maybe he's been involved in the community, but released under a new pseudonym like myself.
I understand it's just a hobby and not everyone can find the time to participate and that's absolutely fine.

But if we want to expand and reinvigorate the snesdev-community (lofty aspirations I remember being voiced on the prior to the Jam), I think we have to lead by example and to show others that this can be a positive place where creators and their productions are valued.

Time and motivation aside, what kept you from releasing a game this time? Lack of resources/documentation/example code? Maybe we can improve the situation for the next iteration.

In conclusion, I'm really happy with the games released within this Jam, I hope we sent a positive signal, garnered some attention and laid the groundwork for future SNESDEV Game Jams!

Thanks again to everybody who made this happen!

Thank you! You can reach me on Twitter or via Email: ephraim.goldlocke [at]

I played this game for 15 minutes overall and I had quite a bit of fun with it. The gamplay is simple, but the score mechanics make you want to try over and over again. I also really liked that you can sit down and rest if you're tired, that was a nice touch. I noticed a few issues with the collision detection. Also, you can continue after reaching the end and even walk off screen to the right if you try hard enough. That didn't diminish my enjoyment of the game though. Thank you for your effort and I look forward to seeing what you can produce in the future!

I've finally beaten version 1.0.1 yesterday and this game was the submission I spent the most time playing overall. It's a great adaptation of the classic home computer game Rock 'n Roll. In my opinion, this one incorporates the Game Jam theme the best and makes it an integral part of the gameplay. I love how polished the gameplay is and how much effort was spent on little details and effects. Also, the SNES mouse support is greatly appreciated. I've played the game on real hardware with a mouse and it feels just great! My wishes for a future full version would be more feedback on player actions, especially when taking damage (sound effects and some particles maybe). Also, I could imagine a 2 player competitive mode (taking turns) to be quite engaging. A great game overall, thank you so much for your effort!

I couldn't do better than 2942 so far...

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Just played the game and got a high score/counter of 3064! I think it's a good first effort and I congratulate you on achieving your childhood dream! I can imagine how good that feels, as I had a similar one. If you'd like constructive feedback, I noticed a couple of small things I imagine would be easy fixes. Thanks for your entry and welcome to the league of the select few still developing for the SNES!

Hey marshoepial, thanks for letting us know.
We submitted our entry a bit early, just wanted to make sure it doesn't get deleted by accident:

I'm eager to know, have there been other valid submissions yet?

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How about making a game for the Life Fitness bike? I need to get back in shape!

On a more serious note, even though I can't answer the question conclusively, the rules state that SNES-era expansion chips are allowed.
I think SGB, scope, mouse etc. can be considered to be period-correct expansion devices, they're not explicitly forbidden and should therefore be permitted.

However, you might needlessly limit your audience by mandating non-standard input devices.
After the jam has ended, players will typically try the released games in quick succession.
A game that burdens players with additional configuration or can't be played on real hardware if they lack the required device might be a turn-off.

Regarding SGB games:

If it's a SNES game packaged inside a GB ROM with the corresponding SGB loader and you release a pure SNES ROM version alongside the GB version (which should be a relatively easy thing to do), I don't see a way to object that.

If it's a GB game that only runs on the SGB, I feel that's a bit of a stretch.

Just my two cents, though.

Learned about the theme yesterday and after pondering about it over the night, I think I now got a pretty good idea of what I want to do.

I'm super excited and looking forward to what you all will come up with!

Wishing everybody a great time and good luck!

Just listened to your 16-Bit Adventure Music Pack. Wow, that sounds absolutely great, you capture that 16-Bit vibe perfectly, I like it a lot!