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the concept is cool, and the art too, however, the controls are a bit difficult

the graphics are insane, and the gameplay is quite enjoyable, good job!

nah, this game is literally a masterpiece, great job!

great game

the assets you made were awesome to be honest. the gameplay feels responding and the game fits the theme, great job!

I loved this game bro. I liked the original concept, and the different attacks and gameplay feels great to me.

It *obviously* reminds me of super mario galaxy. Really enjoyed the gameplay and god nice graphics!

the sound of the jump is quite repetitive, but overall nice short game

uuu nice game

cool game


nice concept. the audio is quite good and the gameplay reminds me of wario ware, really cool ;)

Yeah I didnt have time for that. Thanks for the comment


Yeah i hadn't enough time fot that. Thanks for the comment :)

I will play the games in my free time during the next weeks. It would be also nice if you played mine :)

The game art is great. and the music too, however sometimes the game feels slow. Overall great work ;)


hmmm nice

This is mine. I didn't have much time but I think it will end up quite well ;)

I like the music. Cool clicker

Nice gameplay. This game could be racist in some way hahaha

I love the mechanics and the art style, really nice job :)

Loved the concept and the art. Nice experience ;)

The art and music are amazing. I think that adding more enemies would make the game a lot better. Despite of that nice work!

Nice game ;). It reminds me of a minigame from super mario odyssey :D

Great game. I am too bad at it but the gameplay feels nice. Also the art and music are awesome!

Yeah it's a bug. I will fix it soon 😁

I totally agree :D

Great game! I really liked the gameplay and the pumpkins :o

Really interesting game. Nice graphics and story :D

I really liked the game. I don't know if I'm stupid or what but I can't shoot.

The graphics are great, and the tombstone mechanic is cool and new to me.

Good job!

Fun game. I like the concept a lot, and being super sonic while you are seeing blurry and green its great :)

Thanks! You died because it is ocean trash XD

Great game, this is a masterpiece.

I don't know what could have happened. Thanks!

The game is awesome! I like the jokes of it, and the puzzles are very fun to solve :)

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The only problem I found is that you can't get a super coconut tree of ice cream. Despite of that the game is great, good job!