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Macbat 64 community · Created a new topic Super fun homage

I love the N64, and especially the Banjo-Kazooie games. But I didn't expect this game to also have references to Monkey Island, Kirby, and others. It's like it was made for me. And was that Grant Kirkhope voicing the character in the jungle?

Thanks for this little game. It actually reminded me that I always wanted to do a game like this, but didn't think it would be possible as a solo dev. And maybe it isn't, for someone inexperienced. But how long did it take you to make this? Did you have any background in programming, art, etc or did you learn as you go? 

Great job!

Thank you for playing!

Thanks a lot, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Graphics and music are pre-made assets made by Jonathan Co, they are pretty awesome, especially the music.

Thank you for the feedback!

I used your assets for a game jam, gave you credit. Thank you for the graphics and music! ;)

Thank you! Unfortunately I didn't have the time to play your game before voting ended :\

The atmosphere of the game is creepy and claustrophobic, it really makes you anxious to run out of oxygen! Digging holes as fast as you can to earn money and buy upgrades is a nice gameplay loop, though the oxygen is so expensive to buy it feels like you can't spend much money on the other upgrades. There's an interactive tutorial which is rare to see in an jam game! Good work!

I remember seeing your devlog! I love that you chose to do a narrative-focused game, and about a topic of self-love. I wish you could have developed the game further, I like the writing here and I wanted to see more of the story, I also like the graphics, the two different abilities and little details like the portraits of the characters. Nice work!

Thank you so much!

Thank you! Just rated your game!

The collisions rectangles of the asteriods, black holes and the space ship seem to be a little too big, often my ship would be destroyed even though it didn't seem to collide with anything, I would advise making the collisions smaller and more precise so as to not frustrate the player, and also add a button to restart the game after dying to make it easy to try again. The idea is interesting though, and I like the music and simple but effective graphics. Keep making games and learning!

Glad you like it! Will add resolutions and instructions next time, thanks for the feedback!

Thank you!

Will add it next update! Thank you!

That makes me so happy! I wanted the game to be easy and fun to play and even replayable, so I'm glad you're enjoying it!

I made the resolution tiny to make it easier for me to make the sprites (they are all 16x16), but I didn't know how to properly scale the resolution haha. Next update it will scale properly! Thanks for the feedback!

I've already rated it! Keep showing your game to more people though

Thank you!

Thanks for the detailed feedback!! I think they're all good tips. And glad you liked the ending.

Try it out and I'll also play yours!

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Tip for fullscreen: try using ALT + Enter, it should scale to your resolution (though it might look very pixelated)! 

I've already updated the game to include resolution options but unfortunately I can't upload it until after the voting ends.

Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you!

Haha sorry about the screen size. Glad you enjoyed it


Thank you for your feedback!

Oh geez! Should've thought how it would like on a big screen haha. Thank you!

Thank you for playing!

Thanks! Also played yours!

Great idea with lots of potential to expand! Never thought of playing a golf game where you edit the course. The game really needs clear instructions to teach the player though, it's hard to figure out how it works at first. Good job and keep improving it!

Here you go;

Will play yours now!

Cute game!

I like having different weapons and exploring a dungeon. I would suggest to make the movement a bit more fluid and agile, and make projectiles like the arrow shoot straight. 

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The character is cute, and the charge mechanic is pretty fun! The random assortment of enemies was a little confusing, especially because there's no clear indication of when they damage you. 

Really fun game, reminds me of Downwell! I like the gameplay graphics and music. Great job!

Simple, fun game with nice graphics and music. It's really well-realized for a jam game. Great job!

Pretty fun game, simple to play and nice graphics / music / design. A little on the easy side, I beat it on my first try, but it was enjoyable for the time I played it!

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I love these types of marble games, and this one has really relaxing music and nice graphics. I think the first level is too difficult for being the first level, and you could make them really simple at first and gradually increase the difficulty of the challenges. I also agree with some other comments that the collision mask of the holes could be smaller, generally it's a good practice to make the obstacles collisions smaller than they appear. Overall, solid work!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it