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Thanks for the heads up. I'll take a look at making some corrections the next time the game is updated. It's been well over a year since there's been an update so it might be some time; I'm expecting some issues to pop up due to needing to update Steam stuff so a quick update isn't possible right now.

Hey there. Are you playing on OSX or PC? 

A wired Xbox 360 controller should work on PC, but unfortunately, it's not supported for OSX. Soft Body would like to join


Just submitted a fix. Thanks for the heads up.

Hi there! Sorry about the problem. 

For playing with a DS4 controller on Windows, I recommend using DS4Windows -- Let me know if that works. If not, I  can try uploading a different build. 


I just added the soundtrack to Soft Body's page. Enjoy!

(1 edit)'s exclusive content features are still under maintenance:

For the time being, the soundtrack is an added bonus for all .

Thank you for your patience!
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UPDATE: is doing some maintenance on the system. I'll get the soundtrack to you when they update me.

ORIGINAL POST: Hey there. Thanks for heads up. It looks like I didn't set it up correctly. I'm working on it, and I will send it over ASAP.

Sorry for inconvenience!

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