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This zine rules. Anyway, I don't want to alarm you or anything, but I think you might've gotten shadowbanned on twitter. I deleted my twitter account a year ago (cause it was giving me brain damage), but I check some of the accounts I used to follow from time to time, and your tweets haven't been showing up when I've searched for them. If this is a false alarm, good, but I know you rely on twitter for income and I wanted to let you know just in case you didn't already know. Sorry if this is old information, my bad if so.

Just found this--I really liked it! Lovely story.

How do I get the game to start? I can't get past the title screen.

Very sweet! Also, I like your art!

Very cute comic!

Hey, thank you!

Just played--got 16 points! IT Worker! Almost got zapped too many times, but I placed all the components, lol

I think the rules could be a bit clearer--it took me a bit to figure out that "movement" means the number of spaces you are allowed to move and "direction" determines the direction--I initially couldn't figure out what movement meant in this context, because the rules barely clarified. I was able to figure it out, though!

I played it on a drawing program on my computer, and I drew and erased my position each turn--I definitely feel I would've had a better time actually printing it out and using a penny or some kind of marker to mark my place. I think the latter might have been your intention, so I won't hold that against you lol.

I also think it would be better if I'd played it with friends, instead of going solo--i think you intended it as a multiplayer game, haha or that's the impression I get anyway

Good game! Keep going!

Nice visual novel! Better than what I could make lol

Pretty good masocore game--I don't play these too often, so I wasn't the best at it lol--I got to the part where the canons double as platforms. Couldn't beat it. Pretty good!

I wish it got faster a little faster lol--I had fun, though!

I like the visuals! Very stylish.

Pretty neat in my opinion. Took me a couple of tries!

Pretty good! Collision detection on the boat is ruthless lol

This is a very nice one! I enjoyed the lunge mechanic, I've not seen that on a game like this before.

Neat driving game!

Couldn't beat it lol I am bad at bullet hell type games X_x

Fun maze game! Had a good time.

Kind of cool! I like the interpretation of the theme! I'm pretty bad at it though lol

Couldn't beat the first scene lol--cool idea though.

My favorite of these types of games (RE: action games where you can switch between which enemies are visible) I've seen in this jam so far! (I've played one other)

Got a kick out of this one--pretty good imo--I like how it just starts immediately and if your hand isn't already on the WASD keys you're dead lol (I'm not joking I think that's funny in a good way)

thank you! Aaa i dont have one, though--i posted this game without playtesting it, like a fool.

This is awesome! I had a lot of fun playing with this one.

Neat idea!

Hello--I've been thinking of getting involved in more game jams lately, and this one seems interesting, but I mainly make tabletop games (they get considered TTRPGs frequently, although I don't know if they qualify as such or if they're a bit too simple) and I just wanted to ask if that's okay to submit to this game jam--having done stuff with both physical and digital games before, I could understand where making a simple tabletop game might be considered "cheating," since it's quite a bit easier. Well, just thought I'd ask. Let me know!

This is really elaborate! Good job! I enjoyed playing this.

Fun game!

I have half a ruleset written up, but I've been too busy for most of the jam to complete it. :( Are you still accepting entries?

I starts tomorrow, right? I already have some ideas!