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Just played--got 16 points! IT Worker! Almost got zapped too many times, but I placed all the components, lol

I think the rules could be a bit clearer--it took me a bit to figure out that "movement" means the number of spaces you are allowed to move and "direction" determines the direction--I initially couldn't figure out what movement meant in this context, because the rules barely clarified. I was able to figure it out, though!

I played it on a drawing program on my computer, and I drew and erased my position each turn--I definitely feel I would've had a better time actually printing it out and using a penny or some kind of marker to mark my place. I think the latter might have been your intention, so I won't hold that against you lol.

I also think it would be better if I'd played it with friends, instead of going solo--i think you intended it as a multiplayer game, haha or that's the impression I get anyway

Good game! Keep going!