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Some Random Goat

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This is something very special. Seriously, well done! Amazing little game with fantastic presentation and a story as gripping as it is unsettling. Well done to all involved on this project!

Thanks! It's greatly appreciated. Thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed yourself

The art looks great and the handling is great once you get the hang of it, hilariously chaotic when you don't. It's one of those things that just feels good to play, well done!

Thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing my game!
Glad you didn't feel cheated, guess I got away with- uh. nevermind.

Thanks for playing!

I appreciate the feedback, you've given me quite a bit to think about and I will probably use these suggestions when I get around to remastering this game.

Really great idea! Love the art style and the music. Unfortunately I suck at word games so my score wasn't very high :'D

Great game, very well executed. Good job!

Thanks for playing!
I think next time I'm going to focus more on sounds. Still a new area for me, but I like that suggestion!

Great looking game! Very polished and it handles well. Great job!

Very interesting idea and use of the limitation. Nice work!

Brilliant game! I like how the music seems to pick up with the difficulty, and how the spikes give you just enough warning. Excellent work!

Love it! It's such a neat idea and it's executed so well! Nicely done!

Thanks for giving my game a go!
Glad you liked it!

Very clever idea and twist to the limitation.
I like how you managed to recreate an existential torment that many of us suffer on a regular basis. Kudos to you!

In all seriousness, great job on this project!

The visuals are great, I'm wondering how the hecc you managed this, and the visual style and absurdity got a laugh out of me. Very well done!

You got a good laugh out of me with this one. Well played!

Excellent game!

The art style is great! You really nailed the theme with it, and I think the minigame presents a very interesting concept. I'm looking forward to seeing more, since what you have here shows a lot of potential.

Thank you for playing and taking the time to leave a comment. The narrow window on attacking was intentional, however I admit I might have made it a little too narrow.

Still, thank you for your time.

Thank you for playing!
One of the design choices was to make the headbutt a timing-based attack. Bit of a risk/reward situation going on with charging literally headfirst into enemies. I'm glad it created a bit of chaotic fun from the sound of it.

I appreciate the comment, thanks again!

Thank you for playing!
Truth be told, I'm still getting my head around building for unity, and this ended up being built without a loading bar. Whoops! Lesson learned.

Thanks again for the feedback.

Great fun. The pixel art was great and it was a really neat concept. Great job!

Controls tightly and is very well presented. Very good job!

Great little game, and a really good interpretation of the game jam's theme and the limitation. Well done! I give it a bleat out of 5.