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I totally know the feeling! I am constantly getting into this trap all the time, making games a bit too complicated for players, just because it's too easy for myself playing it for 1k times already.

In general the aspect I called as souls-like is that you need to be precise to win. For example jump from the very edge to make it - a bit too early and you are dead. Jump from the specific to a specific spot  or you get hit by a plant, that will push you into the dog mouth, or into the water. So while playing I was repeating some rounds for may times, cause what felt natural lead to death and I needed to control every step of the way - jump from the very edge, but not to the full length. And so on. In general it's fine, the game should not be necessarily forgiving.

Nice one! But oh my god this is a souls-like one. It's design to kill that spaceman!

Thank you so much for the feedback and playing the game! Yes, I totally agree, it's mostly time restrictions, including the sound for the bomb - I was adding them in the last hours and was on fire back then

Thanks! I am new to pixel arting and arting in general, so I appreciate your kind words!

I know.. That's kind of frustrating!

Thanks! Yeah, perhaps it also might be nice. I am worried that the game might be easy as it is, and with angled attack it would be even easier, but perhaps if I will develop the concept it would make even more sense!

Yeah, I wondered what it can grow there =)

I fidured it out you need F to read the sign, but there is mostly one that says "Have Fun!" =D

Beatiful art and you put some effort in the story. Nicely done!

Controls are a bit hard, but the idea to control the swarm is very interesting. Artstyle is fresh and nice, didn't expect to be able to kill people like that, but whatever your need to do to save the forest. Good job!

Feels a bit unfinished, I didn't get what to do, but the artstyle is so good! Nicely done

That looks interesting! Digging works nice, though hard to navigate upwards, but maybe I just didin't got to get used to it. Would use some tasks to show players around

Never aging classics! Matching is quite satisfying. And clever idea with the growing simulator mix! I got it from the second try, but seems managed to grow something. Also looks fancy!

Nice artstyle! But what can I do in the game? Would use some basic description

Save the forest literally! From corpo with chainsaws. Nice one

Nice mechanic for crafting. Feels like you could use some more time to finalize the game loop, but it works! And it's definitely a part of a much bigger plan, so good luck in future developments!

Such a cute game! Less junk food is more health. Makes sense, avoiding fries never was that hard for me, especially with random enemies pushing it into me. Great submission, well done!

Thank you for playing and good words!

Yes, I know, it’s an important one. Thank you for trying the game and for the feedback!

Thank you! It was stressful and a lot of things we didn’t manage to finish properly, but that’s what jams are for, I assume :)

Wow, congratulations! I got a few feedbacks that it's not obvious what to do and almost lost faith someone will get so far. I will definitely make this mechanic more feedbacky and intutive, thanks for the feedback and investing enough time and energy to get the boss!

Thank you! Yeah, I messed up with the difficulty, and due to UI sclae issues removed the damage effect, didn't manage to fix in time... Appreiciate the feedback!

Yeah, a lot of things I didn’t managed to do in time. Thank you for playing and feedback!

Great Job! I see we had some similarity in our ideation process, good one, really nice quake vibe!

Yes, that's true! I actually had an effect in the UI but when testing UI in the last minutes couldn't figure out the scale and ended up cutting out the effect... Thank you playing and the feedback!

Thank you!

A solid entry! I won the game, it's quite simple, but looks great with a high quality retro vibe. Good job, I loved the game

Quite meditative game with this sounds and relaxed pace, nice

Great stuff! I came up with a very similar approach - less health is more power. Great polished entry, dynamics are super good, it looks nice, good job!

Very creative approach to the theme, I really like the concept

Very good atmosperic game! Some tips would help a ton, cause if you missed the key words you basically stuck. Otherwise - great work!

That such a beautiful entry, lov those bugs dancing! The mechanic is simple, but fun, kudos!

That's so good! I really enjoyed the flying experience. Hate to see the city burning, it took too long to destory that puss. Great job!

Inifinite buff? Thanks for checking it out!

Yes, I found out you can change tools by lucky key pressing. Though didn't manage to actually collect anything, while cleared the screen from all trees

Enemies remember your last attack and block it, the harder the enemy the more last actions they remember. So you need to always attack differently

That's actually a very good idea... I will try it next time! So it makes more sense and have some visually more readable flow. Thank you!

You kicked the small guy? Haha. joking! Yes, I need to do some adjusments to the feedback in the game, seems like it's harder to grasp when it's not you who developed it  

Yes, I do lack some feedback in the game... Thanks for trying my game!

I think I just wanted the game to faster, the movement. But maybe it’s just me 😅