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Hey thanks for setting this up!

I’m excited to play this one in the bleak midwinter months. Thanks for the update, and no stress on the timeline - as someone also working on finishing a game during the pandemic, I hear you. Quality is always worth the wait.

Beautiful, evocative game! I wrote a thread about it here:

I’d love to contribute a game if it’s not too late:


Hey Jon, thanks so much! I’ll send you a character sheet right away and look into putting up character sheets for free. Thanks for pointing that out, and enjoy the game!


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Here are some things I’m hoping to see and experiment with:

World building tables
Custom dice rolls 
Unique monsters, treasures, equipment, rituals Modular/rollable Set goals
New ways to use Tokens
Alternatives to “treasure”
Experiments with framing combat (social combat, etc)

Any other ideas so far?

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Discuss Rooted games here!

Thank you, and thanks for hosting the Trophy Trifolds jam! It was fun to work with that limited space.

Reading Carved in Crystal is a journey in itself — each element here is just enough to evoke a powerful story that’s woven seamlessly by the group.
I found myself looking for some more traditional kind of stats or mechanics, thinking “how does that work without dice/stats/moves?” Indeed, what would happen if you didn’t rely on those things and simply trusted each other to explore a meaningful journey together? Taking those possibilities in is challenging and refreshing. What a beautiful, evocative game — I cant wait to play it!

An absolutely phenomenal incursion, brimming with evocative details which bring this strange landscape to life. It bears reading a few times to let it sink in. I can't wait to run this one!

I really enjoyed reading this incursion during the Trophy Gold contest. If you’re a fan of sci-fi horror, especially the book or film Annihilation, you’ll love it — the atmosphere is perfect with some surprising twists and turns.

An adventure unlike anything you’ve encountered, absolutely bizarre and delightful in the best way. Madeline’s writing is whimsical, horrifying and the quality of illustration and layout here is fantastic!

Love this! While I lean towards horror games, this is a refreshing change for when you just want to enjoy something delightful. If I could make one humble suggestion, it would be to remove the word “aspiring” from “aspiring game designer” in the credits - many of us aspiring game designers look up to you and your work!

Thanks! I hope folks have fun with it.