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I use the app to manage my games, and I think I went with the default folder. And I think the itch app has an uninstall option.

For Mac:

/Users/YourUserNameGoesHere/Library/Application Support/itch/apps

For PC:


Not sure about the default folder for Linux...

Hope that helps!

Roger - thanks for the replies!!

Hey there!

This is my first question for with the disclaimer that I really enjoy the Itch experience as a game developer - no complaints here. Also, I apologize if I am posting this question to the wrong place - first time caller.

I just posted my game page at

The breadcrumbs at the bottom list my game as "Free", but my game is not free.

  • I have "Paid" selected in the settings with a price declared. It is okay that the price is currently hidden.
  • My game status is "In Development".
  • I am hoping to use this page as a "coming soon" page for my game that I am actively developing.

My dilemma here is that I want to have my page live in the "coming soon" sense, but I would hate to give anyone the wrong impression that my game is free - don't want to set any misconceptions or false expectations.

Does anyone know more about this? Does have a way to fix this?

Thank you!