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I do too. Unfortunately, music composition is (yet) an unexplored field for me, so I couldn't implement it by the time of the deadline. Maybe after the jam I'll do.

I appreciate a lot the comedy in it! Caught myself chuckling a number of times.

I also wished it was a little bit more interactive. But it's nice work.

I felt like you could have explored the medium a little bit more. Like, for example, using different fonts for some of the characters or even changing the style of the emails, for instance. That being said, I found the history to be very entertaining!

I concede that I perhaps stretched the concept a bit, haha. It was fun to make it anyway, and I'm glad you could see the work that I put in.

Thank you very much!

Pardon my french, but holy shit! You game is incredible!

Apart from the difficulty problem already addressed, the game is really amazing.

Thank you very much.

Highly entertaining!

Very original game! Absolutely loved the concept.

Thank you!

Loved it! Very entertaining indeed. Thought the graphics and sound could have received a little more attention, though.

I felt that the flow of the game is a little too slow. But I loved the atmosphere, especially the sound. Your interpretation of the theme was impeccable.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

Thanks, man!

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you appreciate it.