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Thank you :)

If you are talking about the fox burrow that brings you back to the beginning of the level, it's not the end though.

Did you see the big door with the lock? There is a way to open it ;)

Thank you for your feedback!

Yes we are aware the game is too hard for most, we are preparing an easier version post jam.

Could you tell us what did you feel was unresponsive in the control?

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Thank you so much!

How far did you go?!

The start/select button is "space".

It confuses many people, we'll add more options and make it clearer after the jam :)

haha cool! Just know that there is a way to pass the door... And a lot of things behind it ;)

Oh thank you so much!

Out of curiosity and without spoiling anything how far did you go?

Yes, finding a way to go through the door is part of the theme :)

We'll certainly make an update to clarify  the frustrating points to the player after the jam, thank you so much for your feedbacks!

I am curious, how did you quit the game? There could be something there...

Really cool idea! 

I was a bit confused when the mechanic changed and just forced my way by cheating the physics for a few levels, but once I figured out the change of mechanics idea it was great :)

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Love the atmosphere, great art!

The camera transition is a bit fast and sudden, maybe tweak the cinemachine a bit to make it smoother :)

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Actually, the platformer is just the very beginning... there is a lot more for those who persevere ;) 

Nice way to use the keyboard, simple and elegant graphics :)

You might add an in-game tutorial, I wouldn't have figure out how to start without the reading description, I almost left before that.

It could make a nice mobile game too!

A way to skip the dialogs would be nice, for retries :)

I have the same issue on Mac :)