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Ooh, nice! That does indeed add a lot more content. (Found the hidden room this time too!)

Oh, gotcha! I was able to play it in Chrome (seemed like it was the same issue, but your solution worked). I love the idea behind this game. Exploring a city as a drone is really neat.

Not sure how to get it to play? It's a black screen for me after the loading bar finishes (OSX, Firefox).

Really unique and has a lot of potential for expanding on the concept! Would be neat if there were a move counter where you could try to optimize how many moves it took you to align the bones.

Doing a turn-based game in only 11 days is really ambitious! Sprite work is very cute, well done.

Limitation on how often you can swing the sword made strategy interesting, very nice!

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Sprite work is simple and effective, nice and vibrant palette. Game window is pretty massive in my browser (have to scroll around to play). Still neat!

Interesting! A little hard to control at times, but I like it. Would like to see it developed more.

Breaking windows by throwing toilet paper through them is oddly cathartic.

Fascinating concept. Old terminal look and terminology really evokes an appropriate mood (love how the screen warps in the corner). Very cool.

I had a smile on my face the whole time I was playing

Hello all! Very proud to announce the game we worked on for a game jam, No Need For Best, has been released:

It's a tiny story game where you play as a ghost dog who has returned to his home to find his best friend. Explore the area and interact with haunted taxidermy.

Thanks for playing!

We appreciate the kind words! Thanks for playing!

Hi there! Love the concept for your game and bought it on release, but am having issues that render the game awkward on mac. I tweeted to one of the developers about four days ago but haven't heard back, so I figured this would be a better place.

There appear to be a few textures not loading (see main character, ERROR in top right, and possibly the table nearby).

The game also takes control of the mouse during gameplay, so taking screenshots is a bit difficult.

Also, the Quit button doesn't work on the pause menu, and combined with having no control of the mouse I have to close my laptop to get control back and then force quit the application.

Note, I originally tweeted about frame rate issues dropping to an unplayable level, but since then I've changed the screen resolution and graphics quality, and that solved that.

System Specs:
macOS High Sierra, version 10.13.4
2.6 GHz Intel Core i5
16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Intel Iris 1536 MB

Please help me out here -- I really want to play the game as designed! Thanks.