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Oh so it’s about the cards.... Gotcha

This was very hard.

Verry smooth controls and graphics. I really dig the mystery, and I wanna know whats behind that ominous red gate! Interesting characters and world for such a short game, too. Excellent work!

This game really captured the mystery and feeling of an abandoned island, especially with the music-less ambiance. Props to that! My only issue is that the cars would often not work. Great job!

I also cannot run the game.

This is a very relatable and unique idea! The music and graphics were very good. I do agree that the car movement and camera could use some fine-tuning, but thats about it. Very solid.

I absolutely love this game. My only problem is that enemies would occasionally stop spawning and I would have to restart. Other than that, the art, sound and music, and gameplay are all solid. Great work.

I like the idea and I hope to see it developed further


Nvm, I went into the hole. Fun game tho!

I started the game but no moles ever appeared. I wish they would, because I would love to fight them