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Whoa this was fun playing. You did a fantastic job with the spinning effect of the wheels and getting them to stop with the space bar. It's all so smooth which makes me want to keep playing it. This definitely seems like a fun casino game to play. Theres just something about wanting to know what numbers you're going to get that's so addicting. Nice job making a unique game and making it look very polished

This is definitely better than DOOM. I loved the creativity behind this idea. You took this prompt to another level! The movement controls are very smooth. The only critique I have are the shooting effects. I didn't know whether or not I was shooting due to there being no projectile and effects on the enemies until I died. Other than that, you did a great job!

I love how you focused on the visuals and feel of the game rather than making a full on game. The visual design of the game is amazing! It truly feels like I'm exploring under water and the school of fish makes it more realistic because their movement is so smooth. The controls were also really smooth, I had no problems with how the submarine was moving whenever I moved my cursor. Nice job makine something creative yet simple!

I really loved the feeling of this game and it was really relaxing to play! I also applaud the visual design and liked that you included obstacles. The only critiques I have is the perspective the player has. It was hard to determine how close the hook was to the fish and I wound up thinking it was farther than it actually was. Other than that, I have no other critiques

This game just made my day! When I read the prompt I was immediately stressed bc I didn't know how to make a non human pov that someone could actively have fun with. I liked that you turned that whole theme into a meta game which is so creative!! I have absolutely no critiques I just want you to know that i absolutely love this game and you did an amazing job!!!

This was so fun!! My favorite part about this was the design of the environment. At first I was trying to figure out how to get the rats without having to move up the stairs until I realized that all I had to do was jump on things. I think you did an amazing job making taking the perspective of a cat and turning it into a game. It definitely felt diegetic! I truly felt like I had to take my time and try to be stealthy to try and catch the rats and it definitely took a lot of patience. As for the controls, they smooth and I had no trouble with it. The only critique I have is the audio the rats make in comparison to everything else. It's a bit loud and doesn't seem to fit the feel of the game too much. That's a very small critique however. Other than that, nice job with this!

This was so fun because I have pets of my own and it seems like they get a kick out of ruining things lol. I liked how it seems really natural, like it takes no skill and instead the goal is to make a much as a mess as possible.  The whole time I was just thinking "what else can I ruin now".  My only critiques would be in regards to tuning. The movement is good, however the jump feels a bit floaty and hard to control. Other than that, this was a very fun experience and I can see anyone having fun with this. Nice work!

I love that you took this prompt and made something totally unexpected. Of course when I thought about non-human pov I imagined an animal, alien, or some other creature. Taking an inanimate object and creating a fun game was a great idea. The camera angle and visual design were done very well and the overall mechanics and gameplay were smooth. 

My only critique more so has to do with tuning. It's relatively easy to spam the button to get ahead. I think there should be a way to prevent the player from doing so and make it more skill based. Other than that it's a really good idea! Nice work!!

I was so intrigued by this game as soon as I saw the title and I love this. It's a simple point and click with some button mashing but there's something about wanting to find out whats in each chest that made it fun. I was so determined to collect as many skins as I could lol. Nice job thinking outside the box and picking a random inanimate object to be a pet, it was really unexpected but you executed it well!

This is great! it's so simple but really entertaining and can become addicting. I love a good quick time event in games and this was fun to play. The aesthetic and visual design is so clean and looks polished for simple animation. My only critique is that it feels like the timing can be a bit off. For example, when I press the correct button I still would get a red circle. Other than that, its great

I love a top down shooter game lol. The music also fit the game perfectly and hyped me up honestly. As for critiques: 

- It would be really cool if  the player were facing the enemy they were supposed to be shooting at, like when you kill one enemy the player automatically turns to face the next one. 

- The reload time is a tad slow. I suggest tweaking the time it takes to reload or changing the rate at which enemies spawn in. I felt like I was missing a lot of enemies. 

- Also the scoring seems to be a bit off. I don't know if it was because I was missing enemies but my score just stayed stagnant at 100 for the whole game. 

This game is very cute and takes me back to my childhood of playing flash games. The aesthetic and design of the game fits the concept perfectly along with the sound effects. Also nice touch on the overly dramatic music at the end lol. As for critiques: 

 - I like that you changed up the munching sound but I wish there were more variety but that's a small critique.

- The movement is a bit too floaty and makes it difficult to get some of the trash which made me wish i could move faster

- This one is not that much of a critique but it would be cool if you were able to move through the office. Like have a set speed for the player rather than keep the same x position when jumping. 

Other than that, good job with this game!

The controls for this game are very smooth and it runs great so nice job polishing this in just a week. I also like the concept of the game and the aesthetic fits it so well, also the sound effects sets the tone so well. As far as the controls, it's pretty straightforward and smooth but the gameplay itself is a bit jarring. I like the idea that it gets harder over time, however, I feel like it gets more challenging a bit too quickly rather than gradually. Another thing I noticed is that the enemies move a tad too quick so I think their speed can be tweaked a little bit, as well as how much are spawning in. Other than that, the game is cool and fun! I can definitely see this as a mobile game people would play on their devices. Great Job!

This game is so addicting and fun! The concept of it is very unique and I think the pacing is very fair. It took me a while to get the hang of it but it wasn't too bad and soon I was able to play through it which I think is really good because it challenges the player but isn't overtly hard. As far as the design and aesthetic, you did a great job making it clear as to what the player is supposed to do and which way they are facing. My only critique is the background movement. The aesthetic and colors are very visually pleasing but the animation in the background was a bit too much on the eyes, but I was able to focus. I think the moving shapes are good but there's too much of them. Otherwise this game is very good and definitely something I would like to have on my phone. Nice Job!!

This game was really fun and the idea itself was really unique. I had to stop after a few tries because my hand got tired from hitting the space bar so fast lol. I like that you kept it very simple and straight forward. I do have one critique though, it feels extremely difficult to win but I don't know if that was your intent. Otherwise, nice job on this game! 

I love this so much! it's so creative and fun. The art and facial expressions of the characters were great and really well drawn out. The only thing that confused me were the controls. It didn't take me a long time to get used to but at first I was confused as to why there were 4 meters and which one i should be focusing on as they were moving at different speeds

The steering controls of this clone was very well done as well as the shooting. It feels very smooth! However, I had a hard time playing through the game. I'm not sure if it's a box collider issue but I randomly start over from where I began.  It doesn't give me the option to restart which made me assume that I didn't crash.  One other minor issue is that the AI (mostly blue) will randomly disappear. Other than that this was really good!

This take on Deus Ex Machina felt very unique and not a too direct clone to the original. Overall the gameplay itself is true the original, however, I noticed that the box collider on the blue cube may be a bit bigger than its actual size as the player is able to get it when it's in the row above it. Also the controls were a bit hard to get used to after a bit. Other than that nice job!

First thing: Thank you so much for providing instructions! I was able to fully get involved in the game and have fun with it. As far as the game itself I have to say that this is a really great clone and very close to the original. The animation and mechanics were absolutely spot on. Nice job!

This take on the clone is very interesting. I like how you made it look more 3D compared to the original. The only things that I wanted to point out was that the AI won't appear back into the players line of sight whenever the player turns like in the original, and instead they disappeared completely. Also the projectile turns with the player which is interesting  if I want to hit the AI more directly but I don't know if that was your intent. otherwise, controls and aesthetic were nice. 

This is a great clone! The controls are smooth and feel great. The only thing that was off were the trees when they first spawned in. It's great that the player is able to see them from a distance, but only the tops are noticeable. Other than that, it's great!

This game is very cute! I like the level design