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Hiya! I'm happy I could reassure, I'm not the best at keeping people updated on my whereabouts in general haha. I tend to lose track of time easily but I've really been working on nothing but the game. Series of illustrations, new character sprite and new stories are on the way. But I admit I'm tired of publishing a demo with so many areas that haven't been progressed upon, so I take the time to do just that!  I'm doing great, thank you for looking out for me!

Oooh you're right, I forgot about the variations. Indeed it's not available yet, I was thinking of implementing it later when Yuvee unlocks the ability to see through and give us those internal views. I suppose I could add the variation where they're simply done already.

Could you be specific on what images you've seen in the folder that you didn't in game?
I'm glad  you managed to discover these new things!
The new skill is called Feather Fall, it allows you to fall from heights without gaining momentum. So falling from a chair is the same as from a mountain. The Fey King is the one granting you this ability, he'd like to give you more, but that's the extent of his power at the moment. (that's the creature you found!) Depending on how late you arrive, he will undergo several stages of transformation from the stone golem underneath him (psst, that's actually Kristof causing it). It is possible to save him in this version.

Thank you again for enjoying the game and investing yourself in finding all the secrets! I'm at your service if you have any questions.

Hi ! At the moment I'm working on several assets that will be required for the next update. These are focusing on visual overhauls and advancing some stories left in progress. The scope of it is expanding as I'm taking a look at all the areas I've yet to work on. To simply answer you, I don't know for sure. I post progress frequently on my Patreon and its discord. By the pace I'm going at currently, I would need a month at least before I can show progress in playable form.

As always, thank you for your interest.

Hi Etan! Thank you very much for your appreciation, I'm really happy the project is taking shape from your perspective too !! 

To answer your question, while it's hinted at the player that breathing underwater is required to go forth, there are no means to currently access such ability. However, you may go forth to roam this area once you've drained it, it's more of a teaser since you can't actually proceed to what's further (because that will lead to a whole lot of new areas haha), but you may find the whereabouts of Kristof. Interestingly enough, if that may tease your curiosity in how all of this connects, the location you find him in is right beneath the Stone Forest, coinciding with a specific event that he may be responsible for.

On the practical side, if you wish to find a way to drain this place, you'll find it in the Rat's Lair. Rodolphe had blocked a few cogs with a rock simply because the noise irritated him, you can remove it by interacting with it. It will have for effect to reactivate the draining system of the mines. This, of course, requires you to have access to this place as well. On the matter, I invite you to read the guide at the "Access the Rats Lair" part.

Good luck prisoner !

Hiya! Congrats for getting so much of them! I believe the Give the guardian a taste of his own medicine is when you keep feeding him his own cum when he's busy absorbing Rohan. You attach him, give him the drink, refill it in Rohan's cell, make him drink again, about 3 to 4 times. 

Then at the moment it isn't possible, sorry. In later updates the rat clan will hold a lot more quests and mechanics around hierarchy, so rest assured you'll have other paths to get the Rodolphe (the rat King) to join your party.

Thank you again for your suggestions! This was a lot to take in so we’ll go in order:

1 and 2, I’m not sold on the cock vore idea, but perhaps more of a tail vore like Cell from DBZ. Following that path, I think absorption of creatures and NPCs is very likely, the player would just need to work on his Incubus rather “evil” side to unlock such behaviour. The tail itself could be acquired from any and all creature he meets, it would be absorbed by the spell taught by Byzeff and manifest itself whenever needed.  I’m not opposed to the idea of making an NPC or creature being converted into an organ like suggested in 5 where you could tap into a their attributes at will. This would be essentially an upgrade over Byzeff’s spell that can only randomly absorb traits, here you could even take the full appearance or only isolate like you said, the trait desired while remaining human looking.

3 is pretty much a must.

4 I’m not fond of the correlation between Ass and Sewers/Swamp. Hunger wouldn’t be an existing concept in those sexual driven dungeons, so food isn’t really food as much as it is a mean to absorb various effects.

5 I revolve more around this idea of milking the captives for their abilities like the player does when swallowing Rohan’s soul. Nothing would really be permanent so it would require a lot of work to keep the host stable … like not going against their principles.

6, well surprisingly I’m not against sounding but dick fucking isn’t really working for me if it’s just two regular dicks. I think it’s due to the nature of a cock being rather thick than long compared to the urethra. My counter idea would be to use more slender appendages like tendrils that could dive deeper into it and stretching only reasonable the tube.

7, so slimes would essentially just parasite the entire system until they reach maturity. Toads are usually already in symbiotic relationship with them and will cum slime coated cum eggs to impregnate their partners. That put aside, to join with point 9, in those realms it doesn’t really matter if you hold a womb as your body is vulnerable by concept rather than biology alone. This means the concept of being impregnated is a mean to invade your body and soul with what I call a daemon, an emerging property of the sea of thoughts. Without diving too much into the lore, consider it being a creature of simple concepts bred into your mind, body and soul. Much like hosts within your body, they will influence your decision and sometimes even impose unavoidable restrictions (like the mushrooms in your cell) that will require work to circumvent.

It’s not possible to create new entities within these dungeons, these realms are too restricted to allow growth like in the human world. That is why Incubi trap people into them, although they consider it more being selective with their citizens. The human world is very chaotic and lacks a coherent theme, but that’s why it can create new concepts and new beings.

While you cannot give birth, you may replicate a creature’s body like the slime does in you. It’s not a new consciousness, it’s more like expanding its influence. This is what being impregnated means in Incubus Realms: Being imbued with the influence of other creatures, over your body, mind and/or soul. Sex will therefore have consequences such as: Transformation, used to expand the creature’s body, mind controlled, cursed, or blessed. A side note on the matter, if you’ve read the comic, there is a scene where some creatures go through the victim’s body to rebirth. This process is to ensure they can trick the human realm into thinking it’s a member of its world, since you’re born from a human, technically. This doesn’t last long, and the host may lose all of its humanity after only a few creatures go through.  

I’m happy my universe inspires you this much! If you’re ever interested to talk more with me or the community around the game, I invite you to join the discord server:

1) I think we're on the same vibe for those!
2) I'm not against vore, just against harming a character through the process. I'm more favourable to absorption or assimilation. Toads will swallow you whole in their belly as it's a pocket they use like a prison.

You might have to, did you get it in the end?

I believe that if you force transform yourself into a rat before meeting with Cyril and the Rat King for the first time, you can spit roast Cyril with him and get him as a rat. Unless the rat king doesn't join you in that scenario?

oh no! Tell me, did you save him? It shouldn't require anything besides that😱

Hiya ! For the moment being progress is made at a good pace, I had to give up on the Horror special update because it would have been rushed and incomplete for Halloween, besides, I want to do things in order. For now I'm completing all sponsored pieces. I finished recently one with Anthony and a centaur, currently progressing through the first of three scenes with his dad and were-canines. Made also a bit of progress on Felsic's quest. I've also already made all the writing for three quests that were supposed to be for the Horror special, but instead will need to be just part of a regular update, they're about the previous Hunter, the mushroom artist and the mysterious Mad Rat, antagonist to our beloved Rat King.

On a personal side, I'm doing better, there's a lot I've learned to better deal with myself without burning myself out in the process. At the beginning it was at the expense of a lot of productivity, but now I'm starting to notice a good maintainable pace coming. Consistency has always been out of reach until now, so I'm quite happy about that. There should be more improvements down the line, but you know, baby steps. For now I try to only think about one project at a time so I'm not paralysed by the amount of work left to do.

Thanks for checking in x

Hi ! Thank you for your suggestions, I'll answer them in order :

1) I'm not against sounding, although I would need to think what could be used to do so. There's always a hint that I like it when you see Cyril getting used by the slime.

2) Good job on figuring that out actually! It is a planned feature. As of now, two magic spells are planned to be learned by either the Red Fey King or Byzeff. The first is a spell of teleportation, the second a spell to backup your human nature.  After all, they need you to complete these spells in order to free them.

3) It could be, as of now I would struggle to justify how Anthony would manage to become vicious enough to take advantage of a monster, he would need a bit of training to get there. Something to consider adding later down the road but definitely not off the board.

4) That is planned feature, although the player will need to train Rohan and his own ability to dominate others. That or of course he could always bargain for it.

5) I had this in mind and I'm still considering it, however the design somewhat requires the transformed host to have hands, I could come up with alternate designs down the line.

Oh my good friend, trust me when I say this, it is very much planned and I'm happy you're on the same boat! The sanctuary will eventually become a place of its own, with rooms and such. It's not coming just yet, but it's not far down the line either. 

Thanks a lot for you support and the kind encouraging words <3 That really pumps me up! I'll make sure to pace myself !

In the mines, first area in the dark, top right.

In the sewers enter the water. I think that's the slime birth one.

Good luck !

Please check the 1.25b !

And solved! I'll already push an update for it! Sorry for the inconvenience :S

Okay that one is fixed, next one!

You're perfectly right, I guess I dismissed the fact he left the sanctuary! Thank you, I will change de condition to take his position in consideration instead.

Thanks for your quick response I'll work on it !

Updated to 1.25a!

I'm working on it x

Hi there! Thank you for liking the game, I'm just working on a patch for the 1.25 to make sure everything is up and running. Once it's done I'll start working on updating the guide with the newer options. The patch should come up at the end of this week.

Hi Arcanos! I will see what I can do. Thank you for putting so much effort to play the game ❤️

Hi! Yes this update is on, for reference it's the 1.25. I'm surprised the website wouldn't update that... perhaps is it because I never do "Major update" posts... The game has been updated several times during the past two years, so it's definitely wrong. I even use a way to directly upload it from my game engine to ensure it registers it as an update.
Thank you for the compliment!! It was really difficult for me to trust myself with this project, I had to make big changes in how I work, but I've taken it step by step. I learn something everyday, sometimes to make things go smoother, better. I thank all the people that encouraged me to continue, looking back at the first versions of the game I'm quite embarrassed haha, but oh well, we have to start somewhere!

Yup, sorry about that. Long story short if you want to see the natural ending of this part you need to be human and have both Human Cyril and human Anthony. I'll add to the 1.25a that it needs to take account of your Rat form and a mean to escape or at least give you a game over. Thank you for helping out !

Oh shit I forgot you can't leave without Anthony 😂🙈 well that'll have to be fixed in the 1.25a

Temporarily unavailable ! I'll patch it soon, it will be compatible with saves of the 1.25.  Normally you'd need to save Victor from his cocoon, but I messed up the conditions. It's an easy fix but there are a few other bugs I want to fix in the 1.25a

(1 edit)

You need Rohan as a companion and him to have recognised the fungus pods as his creations. To do that you can summon him to inspect the pods in the starting cells. Then all you need is to rest.

Yeah... Probably. Check on the fey king once he's down there :p

  1. Have him as a companion (bonus if you have Cyril with you)
  2. By Felsic in the Deeper mines you'll find a hole, click on it to go in the Stone Forest. 
  3. By exploring a bit you'll find the Goblin's Nest. 
  4. Get stuck in the hole, the rest is you resting and observing things from your prison.

Hi ! So, one of them I've noticed will not be possible to unlock until I apply a fix to the game. Fortunately that fix will be compatible with previous saves.
Once the 1.25a is out, all you need to do is use Rohan on the cocoon hanging from the ceiling in the Guards Quarters. That will require Rohan to be aware to some capacity he made the fungus and having been calmed down by the player. Best way to do that is to start small and have him inspect the fungus pod he's made in the cells.  
The one you have already is a result of having both Anthony and Cyril at the same time in your companions, since Daagün is the father of Cyril and Cyril's recommended him to Anthony, that will trigger the memory.

For the third memory, you will need to have Rohan recognise the fungus as his creation.

On that note, I will take your advice and make better hints in the Memories screen.

Thank you for liking the game and taking the time to give me your feedback.

Game's updated, thank you @Antios

Oh thank you for raising this issue ! I completely forgot I made this option faster with right clicking but never updated it. I'll add it to the next hot fix!

Hey there ! Sorry for the long delay before replying ! Thank you very much for your support, I'm very happy you like the game this much and that you can relate to my struggle. I hope you're doing good with your project as well, I keep working hard on mine, even if I'm much slower.  I've just updated the game, it would make me happy if you could try it!

Hey there ! Thank you very much for your kind comments on my game <3 ! It means a lot especially after the rocky path I've been through.  Sorry I couldn't answer earlier, it's been a bit rough! I hope you've made progress, because I've just updated the game! I look forward to your feedback !

Hey there ! Just to keep you posted, the game is updated !

It's updated