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This freaking rocked, no matter what the end results looks so good

Super cool aesthetic! The color, souncd, and screen effects created such a sick ambiance.

Excellent prose! I thought the way you did the worldbuilding was very cool, it paints a detailed picture of the culture and concepts while still being succinct. The portraits were very gestural and expressive as well!

I work with Windows and GDScript and I've been able to put out web builds (but I know the Mono version can't export to web).

I'll be using Godot 4.1! Can't wait to see what everyone makes!

Thank you so much for playing!

Thank you so much for playing! Haha that's intentional, continuing to press Z while close to the book will close it.

So many great subtle touches, I love the water in the meter, the light effect of the cursor and the transition effect

Extremely cool, I can see a lot wild combos emerging even with just two slots. I also love that you have to take new abilities, it's tempting to sit on a busted combo in these types of games, so I'm glad I'm forced to adapt my tactics.

Thank you for the heads-up! Unfortunately I'm using an itch feature that's messing with downloads, so you can download the files here!

Thank you! I can't take credit for the mechanic, it's a modified version of the "troublebox" mechanic by owch!

Aww thank you, I really appreciate the kind words!

Ooh dang that does sound like a lot. Thanks for the info!

Interpreting which drink would fit a customer based on what they say is a really fun mechanic! Great job coming up with so many characters!

The art, sound, and UI made for an extremely polished presentation! Also a really clever combination of stealth and shooter mechanics! 

Loved how the level difficulty evolved after drinking more coffee, you can really tell the game was designed around speed! It felt really skillful to dart around at max speed and launch a pie from across the map.

The level of polish on this is superb! Great art and sound, and the slow-down when reaching the cupcake is so satisfying!

The level of polish on this is superb! The slow-down when reaching the cupcake is so satisfying

Really great work! As someone who also has to use caffeine to balance work with hobbies, the stat management really resonated with me!

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Fantastically cohesive!  The theme clearly informed the minigame concept and the minigames themselves were excellently implemented! Great work! (Also I had trouble getting my Godot 4 beta2 to export to web, can I ask how you got that to work haha)

This is super cool, thank you! It has accessibility features I never even thought of, and I'm definitely interested in using it!

Hmm kinda, you mentioned having players not hold a button for too long. Was having them release a button at a specific time an action they were able to perform?

Ooooooh these are really great, thanks. Did you find timed button releases were doable (as opposed to to timed button presses)?

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An absolutely gorgeous and atmospheric world. Learning about the wysard ways was so engaging!

Hi all, I found the Research section on the jam page really interesting, so I did a little research myself and thought I'd share some of my findings (but talking to a person with a tremor disability would certainly be more accurate)!

1. Tremors can also cause accidental presses of adjacent keys, so it might be good to choose non-adjacent controls. (source)

2. For essential tremors, head shakes can also occur, so it might be good to keep relevant information on screen so the player won't miss it. (source)

3. Voice controls are also an option (if your engine supports it)! (source)

This kicked so much ass. The four character's personalities are so strong, and you established them so quickly. The tension was delicious, it was really enjoyable to see four people frantically slinging doubt and suspicion at each other

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing!

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!

EXACTLY, and despite/because of that you can be a badass!

I used royalty-free music from here!


VERY COOL!!! Opening a menu by walking into a building is a really good idea!! I unlocked all of the sad ones!

THIS WAS SO COOL!!! I really felt the "wandering in the wasteland" element and spent the whole time worried about my mech breaking

WOAH THIS IS SO SICK!!! It was so cool feeling just how BIG the mecha was!!!

SUPER COOL!!! I love me some angular and circular gauges and meters

SUCH A COOL WORLD!!!! I LOVE floating islands so exploring the towns was really fun!!


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VERY COOL!!!! I loved starting out as just the pilot, it really makes you appreciate the power of the mech when you get in!!!!

EXTREMELY COOL!!!! I LOVED the enemy designs and the transformation was so satisfying, like watching a Transformer transform!!!