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Oh- sorry I didn't get back to this for a while!

I'm glad you liked it! I might consider releasing the source at some point in the future. The game is indeed made with GameMaker: Studio 1.4! You can see all the tools I used in the "More information" dropdown on the store page. (or in the credits, if you can find them ;))

won't you come knocking is a short, story-based game about doing something terrible. Travel deep beneath the earth, follow the wood-carved tale of an unfortunate young man, and uncover things that should have stayed buried.

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I found it when I was browsing the GM48 submissions back when you first made it, and a random thought just reminded me of it, so I decided to see if I could find it again, and here it was. This might seem silly, but something about the way it subverted conventions was inspirational to me.

Thank you for making this.

Pretty cool game! Everything felt super hectic, but not overwhelming; I always felt like I had things at least somewhat under control.

However, as someone who's slightly colorblind, I had a lot of trouble figuring out which doors were connected, so I ended up trying to memorize the door connections instead. Maybe that was intentional? I'm not sure. 

The introduction of the lights going out put a really interesting spin on things- suddenly, instead of just finding the fastest routes to each machine, I had to remember which rooms even had machines, and consider how likely it was that each obscured machine was broken. It added a whole new layer to the game.

This is the only game that has ever made me feel motion-sick. It's inspiring.

Thank you so much for the video!! I'm actually working on controller support right now- hopefully I'll be able to get that update out pretty soon.

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My game, PANIC ROOM, is out now!!

In PANIC ROOM, you are a skeleton trapped in a very small dungeon, and more traps keep appearing. You have no choice but to endlessly collect coins to gain additional lives and delay your inevitable doom... or do you? How long can you last? Where are these spikes coming from? Will you ever be free?

During the demo, Klein fainted while I was in Solburg Tunnel, which caused her to not appear in the overworld with Eve and Troz. However, I was still able to make Klein the party leader, which caused a different party member to be absent in the overworld, although the menu for switching leaders closes very soon after I open it, requiring me to react quickly if I want to change leaders. Sleeping revived Klein, but did not restore my overworld party to its original state, nor did it allow me to keep the leader menu open for more than a second. Restarting the game also did not fix this. Is there any way I can repair my save file?

If you're referring to the diagram outside the building, I think it might be telling you how to safely descend a long drop when you encounter one (or maybe it doesn't mean anything- I'm not super sure). As for the calculator (assuming you mean the one on the wall), try punching in the same thing that started the game in the first place. Lastly, I've never found any way to access syscalls.txt- I'm pretty sure it's just for show.

How do I download this game? I don't see a download button anywhere.

I was wondering the same thing. I can't find a download for the demo anywhere.

What do you mean? I'm on Windows and I played it just fine.

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this was wonderful. a lot of bitsy games i've seen have left me confused and dissatisfied, but your game was different. it told a coherent story, it had some depth to it, and it made me feel things. thanks for making this.

It's spelled "incendiaries". You may want to correct the description.

I haven't played the game yet, but it sounds pretty neat!

This game was confusing, arcane, and surprisingly satisfying to learn. I FINALLY managed to get to level J (as far as I can tell), albeit without fully understanding what white space meant. I know I'm late to the party, but I really enjoyed this mind-numbing experience.

Also, what's up with Eve and Adam? Those ones were especially weird. I never even saw Adam- I got to J after only seeing one of the two.

They have a bug report form at

You should go there to report problems with the demo.

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Try reloading your save and using it again. It crashed for me the first time, but worked the second time.