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This was very fun and cute! I liked the music and exploring areas. Looking forward to whatever you do next.

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all I wanted was a rodent wedding 😔

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Very excited for this one! Will let you know my thoughts once I complete it :) 

EDIT: Finished! All endings and secret stuff. Really loved the worldbuilding, premise and overall story. Puzzles were interesting too.

Updated the English file so that it's compatible with the app on Windows (I tested it). Sorry it took so long, but thank you for letting me know!

this is a really good article on breaking down game design and game jams, especially for beginners. thanks for the read. 

Done! Gone ahead and marked it as Windows only. Thanks for letting me know! 

when can I date Rosalinde 

finished it, it was a lot of fun! was wondering whether there were multiple endings?? (either way, the game's great!) 

I love the pixel art in this game! Only 15 minutes in, but it's very charming and sweet. 

Hello. Sorry for the delayed response and the bug - could you possibly take a screenshot / video clip of the error? (It's normal for the menu to open up when the game is loaded by the way, but there shouldn't be a NPC blocking the door if you spoke to the ghost). 

This is a game with a lot of love, charm and potential. It deserves to have more eyes on it. If you're reading this, definitely give it a go. 

Hello! I just released a short, spooky freeware RPG where you search the afterlife for your brother.

Reap ghosts with your scythe, explore haunted caves, and eat pastries on your journey through death.

It has:

  • A unique skill tree system 
  • QTE turn-based combat
  • A lot of comfort food
  • Multiple endings

Download for free on 

or get it on Steam.

Thank you for reading. 

I played the original version in 2016, so this updated version is a pleasant surprise! Thank you for making this game, it's a fun, cute time.