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Previous emails sent to bundle participants have sometimes not been received by them. If that's the case, you can view the most recent email here: (FINALLY) LAUNCHED - you can buy the bundle! Signal boost round two!

If you have any questions about the bundle, please post them here and I'll create a FAQ.


- ghosthunter

Available now!

Available now!

Available now - will email participants to let them know shortly. Thanks for your patience!

There were delays but it's available now!

It means I have the ability to publish but the PCRF still has to finish setting up their payment settings so then the funds are directed towards somewhere, so when that's finished it will go live.

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Bundle page is now live!

Items can be purchased starting on April 12th now!

(Share the page with others to let them know)

Thank you so much to everybody for sticking with us for this long. As of two days ago, itch support has fixed the remaining technical issues with the bundle (see here for explanation) and has now allowed the bundle to be published.

Our goal now is to let as many people as possible know to reach our fundraising target of £100,000! If you can, we'd appreciate it if you share the bundle with your friends and on social media. The link to the bundle is:

We'll be updating more frequently on @vgforpalestine (Twitter) in the meanwhile. Please reply to this thread, contact us on twitter or email ( if you have any questions.

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We sent in a few, but it seems that for some reason emails did not reach all participants. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I'm happy to hear that you got there in the end. In other news: the bundle page is now live!

itch will have to change the date the bundle goes live to a later period; I've sent in a follow-up request to ask them to change the date if they happen to see the request late. Unfortunately, I haven't received a response from itch so far. 

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UPDATE 08/04/2024: Itch support responded to our request and closed our ticket. The bundle page is now live! I'll be closing this thread in light of the good news.


As mentioned throughout email and my previous post, to get this launched everybody must have approved their entry. As it currently stands about 60 participants are currently unreachable and/or haven't given their approval, so now the focus is asking itch support to remove the non-acceptees. When this is done, the bundle can go live immediately.  

If you can, I'd really appreciate it if you can signal boost this post on twitter (i.e by liking and/or retweeting)! It may help itch support see the ticket request faster.

Thank you all for your patience throughout this long process, but it's finally coming to a close. It hasn't been easy, but we're just one support ticket away from the bundle going live now! 

- ghosthunter

Darn. Thanks for letting me know!

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Thank you for letting me know - says it's been sent to all participants, but I will resend it just in case. Just to investigate, has it by chance been sent to your junk/spam folder? 

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Hello all,

All participants who submitted an entry in the jam should now have received an email! Please check as it contains important information for finalising the bundle.

Bundle participants need to click this link and select "Review bundle" on top of the page before the 6th of March. If all participants don't click this link before the bundle launch, it may be indefinitely delayed!

The bundle launch date has now been set to March 12th - March 31st.

Please reply to this thread or send an email if you have any more questions. 

UPDATE: We're so close to starting! There is a backup plan if not everybody manages to approve. Itch support needs to remove the remaining non-acceptees, which will allow the bundle to publish. I've sent in a support ticket for this - hopefully itch will get back to us soon! 

Hi, I'm terribly sorry for the delays. There's been a technical issue trying to get to synchronize the bundle entries. I am still aiming for release in February, but it may be late February instead.

Hello Matt,

The bundle will be live for a month. The tentative launch date is Feb 8th to March 8th, though it may start slightly later depending on how long it takes to synchronize entries into the bundle itself. Thank you for alerting me about the F.A.Q; I have updated it to reflect this and will continue to update it in due time. I wish you great luck on your entry!


Just a notice that the deadline for submissions has been extended until midnight on Sunday, 21st of January (GMT) to allow people time to submit over the weekend.


- ghosthunter

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Sorry for the delay. Yes, this is correct - the guidelines have changed. We initially allowed multiple projects, but we revised it to 1 to make moderation of the bundle entries simpler. We also wanted to encourage devs to carefully think about which project to submit. A handful of creators submitted before the guideline revision. These creator's submissions will not be changed (unless of course, they withdraw their entry from the bundle or ask for it to be removed), but going forward the rule may be enforced.

Do let me know if you have any more questions.

- ghosthunter.

Hello - sorry for the wait. I can confirm that what Aetheric said is right - the main reason why the page says to avoid Steam keys is that it may not work for people who buy the bundle. As long as your game can be downloaded off and not primarily on Steam, it's should be fine. That seems to be the case with your submitted game, so it's eligible.

Hello! Sorry for the wait - just confirming that it's ok to submit pay-what-you-want games for the bundle.

Thank you. It's nice to receive messages expressing solidarity. The bundle itself launches in February, but getting the word out would really help.

Palestinian Relief Indie Bundle

Entries are open until Jan 18th 2024

The bundle launches in February 2024

To submit your game to be part of the bundle, join here.

We are starting a games bundle for Palestine and are currently looking for submissions. All proceeds will be going to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF). Amid the current crisis in Gaza, the PCRF provides food, water, medical aid, and more essentials to Palestinians. We appreciate any support or submissions the community can provide!

Free games and paid games are both allowed. Comics, TTRPGs, writing, game assets, tools, and more can also be submitted so long as they follow the guidelines. Submitting your project to the jam page will mean that it will become part of the bundle when it launches. There is no need to create any new projects during the submission period as this is not a game jam. The bundle will be sold for $8 upon release in February.

For more information, please see this page:

All the best,


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This was very fun and cute! I liked the music and exploring areas. Looking forward to whatever you do next.

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all I wanted was a rodent wedding 😔

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Very excited for this one! Will let you know my thoughts once I complete it :) 

EDIT: Finished! All endings and secret stuff. Really loved the worldbuilding, premise and overall story. Puzzles were interesting too.

Updated the English file so that it's compatible with the app on Windows (I tested it). Sorry it took so long, but thank you for letting me know!

this is a really good article on breaking down game design and game jams, especially for beginners. thanks for the read. 

Done! Gone ahead and marked it as Windows only. Thanks for letting me know! 

when can I date Rosalinde 

finished it, it was a lot of fun! was wondering whether there were multiple endings?? (either way, the game's great!) 

I love the pixel art in this game! Only 15 minutes in, but it's very charming and sweet. 

Hello. Sorry for the delayed response and the bug - could you possibly take a screenshot / video clip of the error? (It's normal for the menu to open up when the game is loaded by the way, but there shouldn't be a NPC blocking the door if you spoke to the ghost). 

This is a game with a lot of love, charm and potential. It deserves to have more eyes on it. If you're reading this, definitely give it a go. 

Hello! I just released a short, spooky freeware RPG where you search the afterlife for your brother.

Reap ghosts with your scythe, explore haunted caves, and eat pastries on your journey through death.

It has:

  • A unique skill tree system 
  • QTE turn-based combat
  • A lot of comfort food
  • Multiple endings

Download for free on 

or get it on Steam.

Thank you for reading. 

I played the original version in 2016, so this updated version is a pleasant surprise! Thank you for making this game, it's a fun, cute time.