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Is it possible to play it only using the keyboard?

Massa d++ o protótipo. Parabéns.

Muito legal o protótipo, e a música combinou bem legal. Parabéns!

Muito legal o jogo. Consegui chegar no final mas sem platinar. Parabéns!!

Massa d++.  Morri umas duas vezes cando no buraco. Parabéns.

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Muito legal o protótipo, parabens.

O bug de colisão com certeza é no Hit box do personagem XD

Não existe. Ele foi apenas em portugues 

What is Madness? Baby dont game me, dont game me, no more.

Seus lindos

Seus lindos

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Psycho Pub é um jogo narrativo de suspense psicológico que se passa na noite em que Angela, uma jovem estranha e solitária, sai para tomar uma cerveja no pub próximo de casa. Déjà-vus, álcool, acontecimentos bizarros… O que de fato acontece ali dentro?


Guilherme - Programador

Carol - Diretora de Arte

Ronie Rustico - Artista

Jessica - Roteiro

Carla - Roteiro

Yuri - Game Design e Level Design

Para jogar:


Descompatar o arquivo

Abrir a pasta Psycho Pub

Clicar em game

Have Fun!

but why did you put nazi zombies?

Hey guys, im a Brazilian indie dev lunching my first prototype: Escape From Invaded Earth

Earth has been invaded from outer space creatures, now you must rescue the surviving humans and gathering resources to build an interstellar ship so humanity can start a new life on a new planet.

Inspired by Space Invaders, its an arcade game of survival and shoot ‘em up for PC Win.

Its now available on for free, and if you could play it and provide me feedback about the game, it will be great.

Here’s the game link:

Thank you very much XD.

thank you man, i loved the jam and had a lot of fun.

Its not yet complete, but you can test it here: - the server i created on discord.

Maybe now we will know if the lights turn of when closed?

yey, cool idea

Me 2. I guess i can create one. As soon as im be on the computer i can create and share here the invite link

cool idea, and good luck too XD

Lol - cool idea. 

In a perfect normal world, someone made an airport to catch airplanes. Why? Well, thats not to question to be asked, but insted, ask your self: why not?

Thats the game im working on, doing it on Construct 2, using license free art and yet to think of the musics and sounds. 

And, most important, im having a lot of fun XD.

This is my second game jam, but the first i do online, and while im participating i am also doing marketing mentoring on other game jam heapping on my city.

Well, have fun and lets make games XD.

Sorry for my grammar, english is not my native language, but im studing and improving.

Meninas, adorei o jogo. Como pai de menina o jogo me gera diversas reflexões muito legais e necessárias.