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Contacted support, but apparently you have to go discuss your refund with the developer, ridiculous. Of course the developer says he did nothing wrong and all is very clear in the description, that you only get the soundtrack and not the game.

I'm not the only one misleaded by this, by the way, another person complained about it too on the game's page. If you use steam enhanced or the website isthereanydeal, you get informed of this "sale". The game is even listed on itch io game sales page.

It's not about the two bucks, it't about the principle.

Just bought the game jump gunners:

But I only got the soundtrack. If you scroll all the way down and read everything, you only get the game if you pay 8,99.

I think this is very misleading, nowhere was I informed of not getting the game.

I bought the game on Steam in the meantime. Weirdy enough, the full game works fine with my xbox one controllers.

The output log did not show any errors. In the meantime I have tried the demo with two xbox 360 controllers instead of two xbox one controllers and that worked just fine. So the game just does not seem to recognize xbox one controllers.

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Seems like a fun game, but the demo does not respond to my xbox 360 or xbox one controllers. I'm on windows 10. First startup I got a sort of agreement, hit A to continue, that did not work. Second startup I was able to press Enter on the agreement to continue, but on the level select I can only hit Enter to continue and then nothing happens.

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Crap. Does not work with a controller.