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Seems like a fun game, but the demo does not respond to my xbox 360 or xbox one controllers. I'm on windows 10. First startup I got a sort of agreement, hit A to continue, that did not work. Second startup I was able to press Enter on the agreement to continue, but on the level select I can only hit Enter to continue and then nothing happens.

Hello Gertjan,

Thanks for letting us know. In order to help you, could you provide us with your output log? It should be located in your game directory under Goldrushers_Data/Output_log.txt.

Kind regards,

The Goldrushers team

The output log did not show any errors. In the meantime I have tried the demo with two xbox 360 controllers instead of two xbox one controllers and that worked just fine. So the game just does not seem to recognize xbox one controllers.

Glad you got it to work!

It might be a driver issue, we have tested with Xbox One controllers as well as DualShock 4.

Happy Prospecting!

I bought the game on Steam in the meantime. Weirdy enough, the full game works fine with my xbox one controllers.

Great! Thanks for supporting us!