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As someone with Polish ancestry I don't know anything about Polish monsters so this is very cool to see. Thanks! can you go directly to this website? Try logging in with however you logged in when you tried to redeem the key? (assuming you were able to do that)

Thanks so much for creating this!

For the alternate dice rules, is there a reason you chose not to use d12s to generate the "cards"

Over all this seems like a decent OSR game if you remove the offensive language that I mentioned in my other post.

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See also the word "Bitchslap" on page 14.

There is a mention on page 12 of "tribal and savage people".  The use of the word "savage" referring to cultures is considered insulting and demeaning to many people because of the historical context surrounding that word. I would remove that reference and also consider a re-read to see if there are any other references to such that need to be revised.

Probably you already found out, but for others' reference, there isn't a separate thing called "Belonging Outside Belonging" that's just rough framework these games are based on which is inspired by the games Dream Apart and Dream Askew. This game includes everything you need to play.

This is very cool. I can't rate it because I am not part of the Jam but 5/5 Stars!

Thanks very much, and thanks for making this!

Can you create a pdf that has single pages instead of spreads? Thanks!

Thanks! Eagerly awaiting the releases!

Just checking, nothing is available to purchase yet?


Sounds cool. I am interested even if it's not that replayable I was just trying to get an idea of whether it's more of a sandbox for running a type of adventure or more of a planned adventure.

Is this a replayable one-shot? In the sense that there aren't secrets that will be spoiled after running it the first time

Thanks for making this!