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Gentleman Wolfe

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Good Game. Good idea, and well made.  Put it on Steam, now in early access, or when complete with full release. You should be able to charge a decent price.

Cool. I reckon you could include spikes or something too if you wanted. And if you ever make a scifi themed map (I haven't played much, so whether you already have one, I don't know), a good idea would be to have a laser firing vertically down the middle of the map, on a timed interval. You could have a charging animation too, if you wish. For a better idea, search strike force hero's 2 and look at the tutorial.

Why don't you include natural hazards? Not just drops, stuff like turrets and evil bad guys or something.

Good game. No more bugs (as far as I know), and the turning part works a lot better now. I used to click on the character and stop being able to move him. I just ask: please, please, please add a single player mode/campaign/AI and online multiplayer. I love this game, but have no one to play against (my brothers don't like strategy much).

Celtic Rumble community · Created a new topic Feedback

Figured we should have a post on this.

Shame. The power-ups sound good though. If your going to have weapons and such dropping from the roof, you may as well add in hazards. For example, a lava pit.

Hey, you may want to see if it possible is to use a cheap rip off controller. If so you could get one for $10, not even.

Hey. Not bad. I just ask that you add the ability to change the controls. Whether you plan to or not, I don't know, but it would make the game better. You could also take the opportunity to allow more players. Adding different weapons and such wouldn't be a bad idea either. I'll check back if you update it.

Yay! ...probably should have searched steam first...

Heh heh. Reminds me of octodad for some reason. Well Done.

Cool. Do you plan to put it on steam? It's different to what most people play, so it stands out. And steam has more users than itch.


Looks good. I'd like to know though - what's the difference between the demo and the real thing?

I found a bug. Don't care if it isn't fixed, but if a normal thrust is used close enough to someone blocking up, the sword will ignore the block.

Knight Club community · Created a new topic Questions

2 things - 1, Why is it so cpu intensive? I have a good computer, don't normally have any problems. But with 4 players on the same computer (absolute chaos) response times visibly slows. The game is still awesome, and I can understand why things start to go haywire after a while, but I can play just about any game max settings, and I don't drop below 60 fps.

2nd question - Is there a way to speed things up a bit? I don't mind on my computers, but on my friends, the dagger slows to the speed of a sword or axe. Buttons stop registering and stuff. 2 player is normally ok, but it's more fun with 4 of us idiots hammering at the same keyboard.

Other than that, no problems. I just wish a steam notice for the deluxe version would appear on my computer.

Not complaining or anything, just wondering why your doing this.

Why the free keys? Won't you earn more money if you don't hand them out?


Are we trying to get a key?

Out of curiosity - could you use a PS3 or X-box 360 controller? I don't think the difference is too great.

Thanks. Great game. I'm gonna get back to killing squishies.

Hey  downloaded it. Keeps saying it's a security risk? Anyone know why?

Bro. Wow. Awesome idea.

Sorry, forgot to ask. Will you be adding AI? I think that's the real reason people are put off this game - you need to have a friend nearby to play.

Good to know - thank you. As for the in-game shop, I was thinking (after you find some time of course) you could have an in-game currency, with the ability to buy upgraded versions/other types of troops. I'm not sure how you would balance them, though I'm sure people would be happy to give you feedback.

Mucked around some more. This bug works for all characters. If 2 swordsman use their ability to strike a moving character who dies, the  character will appear to continue running in place.

Cool, thank you. And I believe pounds are used in many different parts of Europe.

Autonauts community · Created a new topic Cost

Awesome game. Could you tell us how much you plan on selling it for on Steam?

Hey. This is a good game and I'd like to donate some money.  Before I do, could you tell me whether you'll charge money for the game when it's completed? Also, Have you considered putting this game up on other platforms e.g. Steam?

Celtic Rumble community · Created a new topic Ideas

This is a good game. Have you considered adding:

Different chieftain

More minions


An in-game shop

The ability to turn your troops around

If anyone has other ideas, please add them in. This game is good, but it needs more content.

Note - you can still walk on the tile and interact with it as normal. The character just continues to run in the same spot.

Celtic Rumble community · Created a new topic Bug

Hey. I had an archer beside two swordsman. I had him turn around and begin walking away. However, when the swordsmen used their ability to strike him, he died. Instead of disappearing, he continued walking in place, not moving, on 0 health, and unable to be told what to do. Just thought you should know. Also, the swordsmen were on both diagonally in front of him, though I don't know if that would make a difference.