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A topic by Gentleman Wolfe created Aug 21, 2018 Views: 156 Replies: 3
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This is a good game. Have you considered adding:

Different chieftain

More minions


An in-game shop

The ability to turn your troops around

If anyone has other ideas, please add them in. This game is good, but it needs more content.

Thanks for your feedback. :)
Since we had - and have - a very limited amount of time to make and finish the game, we deliberately tried to keep it compact.
So, at this point, only very small additions might still make it in.

You can already turn your troops around by selecting them and then clicking them again, entering rotation-mode. We might also allow rotaion after placement.

What would your idea of an in-game shop look like?

Good to know - thank you. As for the in-game shop, I was thinking (after you find some time of course) you could have an in-game currency, with the ability to buy upgraded versions/other types of troops. I'm not sure how you would balance them, though I'm sure people would be happy to give you feedback.

Sorry, forgot to ask. Will you be adding AI? I think that's the real reason people are put off this game - you need to have a friend nearby to play.