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Yeah, it was a common technique in ninetees. I know it from Dungeon Master and EotB.

Hi there!

First of all many thanks for such a great constructive feedback!
Regarding issues you mentioned:

  1. Movement and controls will be updatet for smooth transition, thats for sure ( I'll leave the option of "classic style" step movement in options )
  2. Layout of the dungeon level is procedural ( and at this stage very repetitive, that's right...) I'm working on solution with custom pre-made levels mixed with random dungeons. This should spice up the gameplay and not cause frustration even when "fog of war" on the minimap will be added.
  3. Thanks for pointin on grain filter!

BTW, you did a great job with "hit-and-run" tactic down here! I'm planning to add online hi-score table. I doubt anyone has come down this low before you :)

Again, many thanks.


Great concept, my hiscore is 28 after few tries :)

I like the grey pixel-shadow on faces.


Many thanks for your kind words.

There will be much more content and gameplay added soon, now I have no choice and have to develep it :)

Really nice game!

I love the style.
Very cool scribbled vignette tho :)

Thank you!

After all, someone noticed the music, this is one of my best tunes :)
Good point with controls,  certainly there will be key bindings options in future updates.

Nice one!

But bass clef should be under left hand :)

I love it! The gameplay is awesome!

I really like the arts, but somehow the game has problems to run on my PC ( randomly freezes :( )

I really like the concept!

Also, great tutorial :)

Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

Glad to hear someone run away from mummies :)

Thank you!

Thanks for feedback! You have right, gameplay mechanics is based on classics dungeon crawlers ( from which LoG takes many solutions).
I think, I'll stick to this project after the jam, and hopefully many from your features lists will be added. Funny thing whit this wall-collision-bug, I can't encounter it, and have no idea where it comes from :) But I'll fix it.

Thank you!

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Many thanks for feedback!

Thanks a lot, I appreciate it.

I just take a photo with smartphone, sent on my own email and then tune it up with GIMP :)

I'm a simple man. I see dungeon, I click.

Fine game, cool soundtrack and awesome documentation :)


Good one!

Yeah, I get your point. Player controller will be recoding and updatet for sure in next version. Cheers!

It's  Unity :)

Thank you! Luckily for me, I was off work this week :)

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Well, you start here:


Love it! Don't understand yet, but love it :)

Happy to hear! Big thanks for feedback.
( yeah, walking through walls is a known bug, but I can't find it. Everything is fine on editor :) I got to recoding collision check I think ). 


Sorry for bothering you, but can you send me file:

C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Generalis Krzysztof Bidzinski\Pencil Dungeon - Scribble Jam\Player.log

Thanks in advance.

Ahh damn. Sorry for that. Can I have your PC specs?

Really good!

Fine smooth & intuitive controls. Cheers!

There is a bug with no collision:

Thanks a lot!
Didn't know about this bug, will fix it in the next update ( after jam ) Thank you for noticed.

Hi mate, nice tunes!

Allright! Pencil Dungeon submitted. Time to rest. Good luck everyone!

I almost melted myself but I finished the game!

I'm still working on my pencil dungeon crawler. At this moment I've got almost everything beside monsters, but 2 days left, I should be fine :)

I saw it yesterday and played it :)

I love it!