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HoverMania community · Created a new topic Track Editor

The track editor is finally up and running enough to share with supporters. The update video from the main info page contains a tutorial on how to use the editor including exporting/importing tracks from other users.

Here is the video again just in case...

The last couple days has been spent mostly reading through tutorials and how tos in order to figure out a thing or two about GameMaker : Studio. Wasn't terribly exciting so I didn't bother streaming it. However some progress was certainly made. Basically we now have the beginnings of a track editor including the start of the functionality to actually save said edited track :P

Looking forward to streaming design work again soon. See you on

Here is today's highlight...

...excited to do it all over again tomorrow. Made some real progress on the track editor. Might even have a working prototype of it by end of the week as well. Excited!

Schedule will be changing constantly until around June or July

oh I'd love to some day. Guess we'll see how the development goes. I will begin streaming actual game design starting on Tuesday :D

HoverMania community · Created a new topic Thank you! <3
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First off...thank you to my KickStarter supporters! <3 It is because of you that I will have this opportunity to create this amazing title for your entertainment. Thank you to everyone who has been a supporter in their own way as well! Each and every comment or hug or nod has done its part to motivate and support my cause and for that I cannot thank you enough.

Next...I have a LOT of work cut out for me in the near future to bring you this amazing racing title. I encourage you to tune in to my Twitch stream at to watch our progress. I will be attempting to stick to a regular schedule...which I am working out now. Stay tuned for that post ;)

In closing, this is my first serious attempt at bringing a complete product to the public for entertainment purposes (and profit #SellsOutForFood). Every human strives for perfection whether they admit to it or not. I too work toward this goal but as in any first attempt mistakes will be made...and I am excited to make them! Lessons will be learned and your entertainment will only benefit.

Thank you for your interest. Thank you for your time. Thank you.