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Really cool one, like the smooth feeling of game. Main issue i got faced is something controls doesn't wants to listen, and i'm getting stucked in the wall. Other than that, good job, good game, Congrats

Thanks Alex! yeah gameplay needs some more work

Thanks so much gaschd, i agree about parallax, totally forgot about it. Yeah gameplay became a really big problem for me, but i will try to fix it. Thanks again :)

LordCloud thanks a lot for your constructive feedback and ideas how to develop game. I will do that for sure, thanks again

Thanks a lot Sprazzal, i focused on art too much, so i didn't had time to made proper layout

Thanks a lot, really nice to hear!

Thanks a lot, yeah controls was the hardest part to figure out how to show to people. Yeah everything you see and hear,  i made it. Thanks again :)

Thanks for your comment, i agree with the part of understanding the game controls. Thanks :)

Amazing, really liked the whole atmosphere of the game