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Yes, as long as the licenses and rights of the tools allow it.

So yes, if you have the rights to use/copyrights. 

Yes, Russians can participate in the game jam.

However, the service used for payment to the winners is Paypal, which may have limitations that are totally out of our reach.

The same goes for the merch store, which uses a different billing service.

Welcome, Fabien! Be sure to join our Discord server where you might find it easier to connect with potential teammates:

Hey! Welcome! Happy you're joining us for your first-ever jam! Be sure to also join our Discord server, where you can find teammates, help with GDevelop, and other cool things:

Good game feeling!


Indeed, this is not a GDevelop game, submission is disqualified.

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Voting has ended! You can see the winners here:

The rules don't indicate any obligation to put the link, but it's better.

In any case we can know internally if the game has been published on Liluo or not.

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We'll delete all entries that do not comply with the rules at the end of the submission period. That includes all games made with other engines, made before the jam, etc. 

If you can still see a game not made with GDevelop please share the link here.
Thank you.

Ratings will only happen after the submission period ends. Until then, you can update your game as many times as you want. 

Submissions need to have been developed during the period of the jam. All other entries will be disqualified. 

Remember that you're not allowed to use copyrighted assets. The game as it stands will be disqualified from the jam. 

You just need to provide the link to your game on Liluo in the description here on itch. 

Very odd, thank you for pointing that out. I've fixed it. 

One game per person or team :) 

El jam aun no comienza, y debes haber creado el juego dentro del tiempo que dura el jam (desde el 29 de Julio). Cuando comience el evento vas a poder enviar tu juego. Pero solo si lo creaste despues del 29 de Julio con GDevelop. De lo contrario, seras descalificado. 

That's the attitude!

Yo! Pero no se si cuenta, jaja. Bienvenid@ al jam! 

It's usually me (Marcos) here on the itch community page, but sometimes others pop in when I can't respond to something quickly ;) Thank you for the kind words! I'm really happy to hear you like the engine and the community. 

I'd say the milliseconds, we had a lot of fun about it with the chat during the stream^^
You can watch the replay on Twitch!
- Bouh

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4th! For a first game made with GDevelop, really nice job Vimlark!
- Bouh

It depends on each person. But other things that go into rating graphics are congruence (making sure all assets "work together" well, and are not different styles), that there's "juice" on them (you can add particle effects, object effects, etc). There's plenty to add graphics-wise that's not just the creation of the asset itself. But creating assets from scratch is also taken into consideration by some. So it varies from person to person, and from game to game. Hope that helps.  

You're welcome!

Come on over!

Hey Right Back!

Hi! As stated in the rules, you're allowed to use pre-made assets, so long as you have permission to do so. We do not allow the use of copyrighted material you don't have the rights to (like taking assets from other games or franchises). But as long as you're legally allowed to use the asset, you can use it for the jam. 

Then feel free to post there :) Just be sure to click on the check mark on the #welcome channel. 

You're welcome!

Good luck!

Correct! You need to use GDevelop. 

That's awesome! Glad you could figure it out. The GDevelop community is amazing, and I'm happy you got to experience it first-hand. It happens all the time, and even during competitive events like jams. 

That's odd. Please join our Discord server and ask for help in the #english channel under the ----HELP--- section. 

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Of course, you're more than welcome to try and find a teammate here on itch. But our Discord server is full of people already into GDevelop, and everyone's always looking for people to team up with. 

So if you want to find a teammate, be sure to join our Discord server here:

There are also help channels there in a variety of languages (including English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, etc), where other users might be able to help you resolve an issue with your game.

See you there!