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Hi Peanuder

Thanks for the comprehensive feedback!

- Checkpoints would definitely be in the final game. (We deliberately didn't add checkpoint to the demo because its so short and can be completed in about 5minutes). but now that you mentioned it, we will move it up our priority list.

- As for the sound, we will definitely look into it.

- The dodge rate is low because we didn't want the game to turn into a full blown action shooter but rather a military horror game where you  will have to think carefully about when to use your limited resources and dodge abilities. (Thanks to your observation, tweaks will be made)

Your feedback is highly appreciated!

Thanks for checking out our game.

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Hi Pope

By the time we wrap up development, if there is enough demand we will definitely consider bringing it to Linux.


Thanks for the video QUEEN

Thank you!

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Thank you for the fun gameplay!

Hi everyone.

Gbrossoft is proud to announce the launch of its first game 'The Amazonian Dread'.

An ethnobotanist’s research foray deep in the Amazonian jungle of papaluco turns into a deadly fight for survival…

We are launching The Amazonian Dread with a 20% launch discount as well as an exclusive bonus for the first 200 buyers which includes steam keys  for both 'The Amazonian Dread and Mind Dead(another game of ours).

Thanks for your attention!