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That's the fun part that it's less intuitive thus hard to figure out at the start. 

Yes. It is the extreme version of fruit cutter(not much different if you ask me)

Made in two hours. I will update it though.

But, its only itch io. I don't have any problem with other sites.

If its a network problem, why would it occur to itch io only?

every online game and images in the site.

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I can't see any image including, thumbnail and background. When I click on play web games doesn't run.

I also tried a different browser and account.


I can't also post thumbnail.

Tnx for reporting. I will fix it.

Thanks for reply now I can play it

Until the owner has no problem with that.

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I thought  -1 means 1 bomb

Maybe, number 1 means at least 1?

thank you

You can Restart a level with "r"

I will issue an update with better jump after adding more levels.

Thanks for playing.

thank you

thank you


make a flashless version

I had this error going to level 3.

InternalError: too much recursion

completing level two sends me back to the title screen

good game


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Good. But hard to understand.

Completed queens gambit.

How to go to next level

Can I play with rules?
No rule says you can't. So yes.

In full-screen "ctrl + mouse scroll" to minimize size and bring the pieces back.

try godot and make better

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good game but when I clicked the door from the lab, The game stopped working

The how did I did it?

Level 26 was hard. But, I figured it out. Well was it intentional or a bug I mistakenly used?

If you find any bug or want to share your experience of this game, comment it down.