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git gud

Maybe bc there are more than one cookie?

As a pretty bad artist, I take this as a harder challenge in this break time.

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Yes. Thanks

Cant seem to figure out any way

Very good. Fun to play.

my best

sadly it is not under my budget. 5 usd = 463.15 tk = 23 small 7up

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if Yes,

It’s a paradox.

It would be like u can put it if u don’t.

There is a file called opening book in the source code.


Jumpscare? I played it 5 times(3 times myself and 2 times with an auto clicker). But couldn’t find anything.

you have to go back and refuel the ship

yes but not animated

If the exe and net are fine, this should help:

Always try to zip the game. If it’s showing this:

Use USB to upload it to another device then, upload it(if that another device has a stable net).

Actually, if you can make it downloadable, you should now. What engine are you using?

Fun game. The Bullets are sometimes difficult to see or doge. You can add some highlights for bullets. Liked the camera and lighting.

Thanks for playing.

Thanks. did you finished it?

Thanks the music was my 3rd handmade music.

Really unique. You can have an arrow(or other visual indicators) to show the direction it will shoot.

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Did you finish it? I thought it is too hard to win and then decreased the difficulty.🤔🤔

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I tried again and faced no bug this time.

Thanks for playing

Funny head. A bug at the level where the blue button triggers a timer. If the timer runs out and you die, the level doesn’t restart.

I was 1 minuite late to submit. I posted my link to late submission but it isn’t approved or seen yet.

Here is the link again:

I was 1 miniute late as the upload took forever. I posted link but you missed it:

The rule says you can late submit at voting time.

I wanted levels but will have to go with world

yes a little challenging

Only using randomness isn’t enough as the answer would be the same. But it is possible to have multiple answers randomly selected. Also, it can have multiple options to connect but choosing one would impact future connection.

doesn’t it says exe?

Thanks for having fun :)

Thanks for feedback.

thanks for rating

Good concept.

Very fun. 5 stars from me. I liked the transition between levels. It feels like one big level.

Good animation. Also made in 3 hours. I couldn’t make one character in 1 hour. After seeing the tree, the hills look weird. like brown tree :D.